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You so wanted my mouth and tongue to....

pussyeuphoria.comThis short story of how I would eat your pussy was written just for you. Read it and enjoy it while stroking your sweet wet pussy. I want you to get wet I mean really wet reading about me doing this to you baby. I want your body hurting badly, nipples hard and your clit swollen and throbbing before you insert anything into it. You might even want to print it and lay back on your bed and love your body while you read it. It’s my special gift to you.

After undressing each other, we move to the shower and we slowly clean each other enjoying for the first time see and touching each other’s sex. With your back to the shower wall now, I drop to my knees and pull your lower body towards my open and waiting mouth. You Bend forward and moan when you felt my lips and tongue press on your clean sweet tasting pussy and ass from behind. You gladly opened your legs as wide as you can and squat a little by bending your legs for me. I move in further between them so I can move my face into your pussy hole further.

You so wanted my mouth and tongue to lick and suck your pussy because it had been so long since anyone has done this to you and you really have missed it. I stop long enough to take in your beautify two holes close up as I examine that sweet long slit and press my nose against it. I inhale your sweet musk before I bury me mouth against lips and they open for me exposing your waiting pussy hole. My mouth and tongue begin to go to work and in seconds, I have you moaning. With your hands pressed against the bathroom tiles, your body starts to shake a little as your excitement builds with the need for more stimulation. You look over your shoulder and down seeing my head up under your body. Oh yes! You whisper as I knee and stay between your thighs licking, eating and using my fingers to stimulate you.

The feeling is fantastic and you bend your knees more so I can get even deeper under you as and pussy. You know in a few seconds that I am no ordinary guy who has eaten your cunt in the past. You can tell by the way I have started working on you, that you will have a hell of a set of orgasms very soon. You drift off dreaming of the times I have written you before and what I have told you I want and will do to your body with my mouth, tongue and hands before I fuck you.

But, now you are here with me and can actually feel it. “Mummm that’s so nice baby. It feel so good!” you tell me as you feel both of my hands go between your legs and under your body. You bend at the knees opening them further allowing me even better access. You feel my hands squeeze your ass cheeks hard and pull them apart as my tongue moves from the top of your pussy under your ass and over your ass. I bit one of your cheeks and make you jump before licking back under your body. Then I push a finger into your shave sweet pussy harder and watch it disappear into your body! I smile as I watch the finger slowly fucking your pussy. I insert my tongue under the finger and it too enters your body. I wiggle both around inside your body and hear you grunt and moan in pleasure. As you moan and bent your legs and squat for me so your pussy is totally accessible and wide open for my pleasure and your own.

As I’m being half drown by the water running down over the front and back of your sexy body, I have to sit up a little and stroke you between your wide-open legs. Licking and sucking your cunt I finally get my tongue over and in between your tight cheeks and lick your ass hole while my fingers have your pussy lips spread wide open and I’m fingering you with the other hand.

My fingers continue to make love to both of your holes now that I can touch your ass hole with my tongue. At the position I can’t actually get my tongue in your rose bud w/o getting water down my throat. So I moved back to your pussy and concentrated on making your climax. I know by the way you are pumping and rocking on my face now, that you are just about there anyway.

I turn you around and begin to lick up and down your slit while I use my fingers to pull the folds of your swollen pussy lips away from around your clit. As your hood moves away I see your blood-swollen clit sitting there in from of my eyes. It’s huge and throbbing! I move it and press my tongue against it and hear you moan loudly. The clit is rock hard. I softly hum directly on it as I continued to stimulate your holes with my fingers. There are three fingers now inside you pussy and I’m slowly pumping in and out. My other hand has my thumb in your ass hole and I’m rotating it in and out.

You moan again louder this time and almost sit on my face as I worked on your sweet pussy. You hold my head with both hands and try to ram my face with your pussy as you begin to scream at me: “Suck it baby. For God sakes. Suck IT BABY! SUCK MY CUNT! HARDER.” You are yelling at me now as your body feels the climax of your life moving into your pussy. You yell: “OH YES BABY! OH FUCK YES! SUCK IT. HARDER. . . SUCK IT. . . HARDER! OH GOD!! ALMOST THERE. . . .SUCK IT! OHHH!! YESSSS!!! HARDER. . . . OH YESSSSSS. . . YESSSS!! OH SWEET LORD! THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT! SUCK IT HARDER! I’M THERE! OH BABY SUCK ME!!! HARD.I’M THERE! AHHH!! AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. GODDDDDDDDDDDDD. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

The orgasm was so good! But I know we can do better. I’m having trouble with the water running into my mouth and up my nose so I decide to get us out of the tub and move into the bedroom. I can see you lean back against the wall as you begin to slide down the tiles. I grab your knees to keep you from sliding all the way into the tub.

We both stand up and I help you out of the shower so we can dry each other off. We can’t keep our hands off each other and dry the other’s sex playing with it and kissing it over and over again. I lick your snatch one last time and stand up. As we walk back into the bedroom your hand is holding my very hard cock. I watch your body move as you walk and it hardens my cock even more. You can feel it jumping with excitement for you. You think we’re going to fuck and you turn towards the bed, but I have other plans.

I move you to the big chair in the room. I walk behind you with my hands on your shapely hips watching your ass as you walk, God I love looking at you. You are so beautiful. I stop you and reach around your body and cup your full hard breasts as I kiss your neck and bit your shoulder. I begin to pull and roll your nipples around with my thumbs and index fingers as you lean back against me. You can feel my hard cock up under your ass rubbing against it.

You reach between us and take the hard thick shaft into your hand. As you turn I bend down and suck your nipples into my mouth as your hand begins to stroke my extremely hard cock. As I cup your pussy, we both moan from this pleasure. I suck and bit the nipples as my other hand continues to lift and hold your breasts as if I’m weighing it. Your other hand comes up and cups my head to hold my mouth on your right breast. You whisper in my ear: “Come on baby let’s get into bed and fuck! I want this hard cock inside me.”

You squeeze my cock hard and I groan. I bit your nipple making you moan. Finally I back you up as our tongues fuck each other’s mouths. Your knees hit the front of the chair and I push you down in the seat. Immediately, I drop to the floor kneeling in front of you. You’re not sure what I am going to do and watch me as I sit between your legs and open them wider placing one thigh over each arm of the chair. I reach around your body and pulled your lower body to the very edge of the chair. Your ass is almost hanging off the end. Now I move up and suck both of your nipples and cup your breasts one more time letting my cock rub over your swollen pussy lips. You try to reach down and put me in but I stop you saying: “Later! We’ll fuck a little later when we are sufficiently stimulated. Now just lay back in the chair and let your lover show you why I love to eat pussy.

Before you can move I place my head between your legs and hold your knees open over the chair. Mumm!! I want that pussy now. And with your long silky smooth legs up over the arms of the big chair and your ass on the edge of the chair lower than your legs, that sweet beautiful pussy of yours is wide open for me to love. I can smell your musk as it floats up into my face! I move down towards I licking my lips. My mouth is actually watering with my anticipation. I look at your magnificent body and see your pussy lips already open from your anticipation and from the loving you received in the shower. Your expected anticipation of what I’m going to do next excites you and stimulates your entire body.

Your legs are open so far that the bones in your legs are sticking up hard against your inner thighs next to your pussy! I rub the bones and end my stroke at the sidewalks of your pussy lips. I run a finger up and down your and watch up open and throb with desire. Then moving back down to that very soft skin on your inner thighs again. I softly and very slowly stroke each side of your pussy opening my fingers and teasing you. I can see your wetness oozing out of your cunt.

The lips of your pussy are sticking out at me and as I sit between your thighs, I bit and sucked on them. I leave small marks all along the sides of your cunt and thighs. You watch as I kiss you from one inner thigh to the other licking across your pussy very slowly. I can taste your wetness as my mouth slides over your wet hole and my tongue darts in and out very quickly. I feel you arch up out of the chair as you feel my tongue enter you and then leave you quickly.

God your pussy hole is wide open and I use my index finger to push in about an inch and watch your hole close around it and squeeze it. Each time I push in I leave it stay in before pulling it out again. Each time I pull my finger out, your pussy hole stays open a little longer.

Your entire pussy is shinning with your cum and your excitement. I slow circle your hole and push up and down as I move it in and out on your slit. I feel you arch and lift and I pull my finger out and begin to kiss all around your pussy lips. I don’t want you to cum to fast. You moaned and tried to get hold of my head and try to stop my finger from leaving your hole but you can’t. I move my mouth directly on your cunt and blow warm air on it softly. I see you shiver. You try again to move my head against your sex but I resist. I hear you moan each time that my mouth or index finger comes into contact with your pussy.

You watched as I work on your inner thighs and gentle touch your pussy again and again. It’s driving your wild with lust as my lips, tongues and fingers all work on you. Again and again I lick and suck on your wetness tasting you and adoring your cunt until I feel you arch and begin to rock on them again. Then I stop and back off your pussy as I move back down your thighs again waiting for you to calm down a little. I don’t want you to explode – not just yet. I had waited a long time for you to trust him enough to allow me to visit you and have sex with you and now I will make you wait. Wait a long, long time before I let you drive your cunt into my face and fuck my mouth as you achieve orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

God what I really wanted to do is sink my hard cock into your pussy and fuck you hard and fast. Your sexual odor is driving me wild with my own lust. Hell I am so fucking hot for you since the first time we met and now as I love your pussy and see your completely nude in front of me, my cock throbs and jumps with my anticipation. I’m leaking pre-cum all over my legs and on the floor.

But, I knew your needs are greater than my own and you require a larger amount of stimuli and stroking before we have sex. So I am going to make this last for a really long time and give you what I know you have needed. You have been searching for a man to suck and fuck you into as many orgasms as you can have that you can stand!

You know I will never stop until you have been drained of your orgasms. Plus, I enjoy making you crazy with your sexual need and passionate build up. So, I continue to build your needs higher and higher as the time passes and I stay between your legs stimulating your body. I use my fingers now and slowly stroke your pussy slit up and down, up and down. Then I use my fingers to open your wet smooth lips wider and start to slowly rub your pink insides. I move my free hand down and begin to stimulate your ass hole too. You have already told me you love your ass finger fucked too. So I know I am really going to get to you by playing with your ass hole. And as the moans become louder I hear you sigh and grunt as you feel me work on your pussy and ass hole.

I know you are close to cumming again because I can feel your lower body humping on my hand. I hear your voice as you tell me in a low deep and sexy voice: “Oh yes! Oh please eat me and make me cum. I’m hurting so bad baby. Please!”

I smile up at you and say: “In time my love, in time. You know I want to see and touch all of you! I’ll make you cum baby. I’ll make you cum soon! Trust me!”

Your lust is so high you look mad now and begin to yell: “You son of a bitch!! Eat my pussy. Dam you. Make me cum. Make me cum now!!”

I come up quickly and grab your head with my hands. I kiss you hard on the lips and start to fuck your mouth with my tongue letting you taste your own pussy juices. As I do, my hard cock rubs all over your pussy pressing against your wet and very opened lips. You began to move around and hump on it trying to get it into your aching body and fuck on it. But, I backed off and won’t allow you to put it inside your hole. I break the kiss and ask you: “So you want to cum do you? Are you sure you are ready to cum baby? Do you really want to cum? Do you want me to lick your pussy and make you cum or fuck you and make you cum?”


Then I stop and don’t do anything. I ask you again: “Eat you or fuck you first. What will it be baby?”


You see me look you directly in the eye and you moan to me: ““Oh god baby! Lick me!! PLEASE PLEASE LICK MY PUSSY!”

I know your body is screaming for release. You almost cry to me: “My body needs to cum so bad. I haven’t had my pussy licked and sucked in such a very long time. Lick me first baby! Then I’ll fuck you wild. Lick my pussy and I’ll fuck you hard and long and make you scream. Oh God! I’m going crazy baby! Lick me! Lick my pussy and make me cum.”

I smile and kiss your neck and whisper in your ear: “ Now! Now it’s your turn to cum baby! I’m going to lick you now and make you cum!”

You moan and say: “oh yes!!”

As you do you push my head gently back into your body telling me you want my mouth lower on your body. I lick down and take each of you tits one last time before moving back down your body. Taking each nipple into my mouth and sucking on them you moan and push on my head. As I move in front of your open thighs, I can see your pussy shinning at me. God!! It’s almost dripping on the chair. You are that wet.

My face is only an inch from your snatch. I’m so close I can feel your body heat on my face. I take another big breath and love your odor that’s coming from between your wide-open legs. Using my hands, I push your legs up the arm of the chair opening them even wider and I bury my face. You cry out as my mouth circles your cunt again.

You can feel shocks of pleasure rippling through your body and hitting directly against your pulsing throbbing clit. Thrill after thrill seems to shake your body and make you shiver with delight! As your hands guide and hold my head against your hole, you want to squeeze your thighs tight against my head. But you don’t because you want to give me all the space I need to work on your pussy and you want to feel everything I’m doing to your body.

You keep your thighs wide open and resist the urge to squeeze them against my head. You give me the free and complete access I require. You want to close your eyes but don’t. You have to see what this new man in your life, which has his face between your legs, is going to do next to your pussy. And you really do want to cum so bad.

I continue to suck your hole and then I surprise you and suck your entire pussy into my mouth and hum all over it as my tongue fucks and licks around it. Like a small vibrator stimulating your pussy my humming makes you lift your ass up off the bed and I can feel you leaking more of your wetness on my face. As I lap up your juice like a dog I can feel your heat and your passion on my face. You begin to cum and as the orgasm hits your body, you yell out: “OH FUCK YES. EAT ME BABY. OH THAT”S IT!! YES. OH FUCK YES. OH GOD I”M GOING TO CUM BABY! OH SHIT. EAT ME!! OHHH. . FUCK. . YESSSSS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

I look up with out taking my mouth off of your pussy and I see your beautiful face showed your agony, your want, your need, your lust and your rapture as you rock and rock against and on mouth fucking it and cumming and cumming and cumming for me.

I smile as I see your back arch and your hips and legs lift your pussy up and as you hump on my face I know your having a great climax! I continue to eat your pussy sucking and licking it as your orgasm sends a huge load of your cum into my mouth and over my face. . The pleasures from my mouth and tongue are so great, your breath comes in gasps now, as you pressed your soft pussy lips hard into my mouth. Moaning: “Fuck yes baby. That’s so good.”

You press harder and harder and harder against my face as your body rotates and pumps and thrusts against my lips and tongue. You would like to shove my entire head up into your pussy hole. God!! You would take my entire body inside you so it could fuck all of you and you could fuck all of me.

You begin panting now like an animal in heat. You moan: “Oh yes. Oh yes baby, suck it. Suck me baby. Suck my pussy! God it’s so good. Suck me. Suck me. Suck me. Oh fuck yes! OH FUCK YES. YES! YES! YES! YES!


Your body lifts again as another orgasm washes over you directly behind the first one. Suddenly you began to shake and shiver as your pussy pulses and throbs against my sucking mouth. I know what is coming and prepare for your attack. I know from what you have told me that you will go crazy when you begin to get off back to back to back. So I put my arms under your legs and hold your hips with both hands as I press my face tight against your swollen sex and suck your pussy hard with my lips. Your body trembles more and more as you begin to reach another climax. You yell my name as you cum screaming at me: “EAT ME!!!! SUCK ME!!! OH GOD LOVE ME!!! OHHHBABY!! MAKE ME CUM!! I’M THERE!! I’m THERE!! I’M THERE!!!”

As you work your pussy all over my face your body screams for more release. You moan out in a deep horse voice I can hardly recognize: “HARDER!!! SUCK ME HARDER!! OH GOD HARDER BABY!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME HARDER!! SUCK ME H A R D E R!! OH YES!! OHHH!! I’M THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

You bit your lip and drew blood from the pure pleasure. I continue to suck on your pussy. Your free hand holds my head so tight I fell that I might drown from your cum pouring out of your hole. But I keep on sucking.

To keep from crying out any louder, you put your fist in your mouth and scream into it. Your thighs quivered and shake and you gasped for breath. Crying out to me now: “SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK MEW HARDER!! YOU HAVE TO SUCK ME HARDER! HURT ME BABY!!. SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME HARDER!!! OHHH GOD BABY!! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER DAM IT!! OHHH YES!!! LIKE THAT!! JUST LIKE THAT!! AHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHH. YESSSSSSSSSS. JESUS!! THAT’S IT!! OH GOD YES!! THAT”S IT!! YESSSSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Your pussy is throbbing with each beat of your heart. We can both feel the blood pulsing through it. Your desire and lust are so bad now it’s almost painfully as I continue to stimulate you. You are so worked up, you have coated my face completely with your cum. And pumped and rammed into my face so hard you might be hurting me. But, you don’t give a fuck. All you care about is cumming and climaxing to release that monster inside you.

You’ll go crazy if you don’t keep on cumming. You must keep cumming. But, I know about you and your need. I knows what you want, what you need. You told me remember? Your need to cum is tremendous. You are thinking to yourself: “God his tongue is like a devil inside my body.”

Your swollen clit stuck out like a rock and I use my lips to give it quick and fast sucks. I suck directly on it, teasing it, making you scream as I stimulate you more and more, like you haven’t been worked on in many years. I bring you closer and closer to yet another huge and wonderful climax. Again your breath gets caught in your throat and a strong orgasm runs like a train over your body. I feel you lift your ass up off the chair again and I insert three fingers deep inside your pussy while I suck hard on your clit.

Your hips lifted off the chair as your legs help leverage it high in the air. I feel your body violently shank as your need and lust are almost screaming in my face. You feel my tongue touch your clit directly and press hard against it. You body continues to shake violently as your body closes on yet another orgasm. I can tell you are ready for more and my fingers attack your pussy finger fucking it faster and faster. Then with my other hand I insert my thumb up into your ass hole again.

That’s it. That was what you needed what you wanted!. That was all it took for you to go wild and begin to fuck wildly on my hand and face as they press into your snatch. You begin to go absolutely crazy fucking anything and everything your body comes into contact with. You go off over and over and over again and again and again, cumming one load after another covering my hands and face and the chair.

God you can’t seem to get enough now. It’s so fucking good. Like a rocket your body slams hard into my face almost knocking me backwards. I hang on to your hips which are thrusting hard into my face and fucking on my 3 fingers deep inside your hole.

As you feel both holes filled, your pussy pulsing and you yell: “OH YES!! YES BABY. THAT”S IT. THAT”S IT. MUMM! OH GOD YES.”

I press my tongue as hard as I can directly against your clit. I make my tongue rub up and down over the entire round bulge. You begin to moan and then cry as I continue to fuck you with my tongue as well as his fingers now. My tongue is inside your pussy over my fingers and they are all fucking your body! You are wild!! Oh God, you love what I doing to your body and your mind.


You begin to actually cry as tears come down your face from the sheer pleasure I am happily giving desiring, what you have been needing! I know this and I knows what you want what you need. Again you yelled out: “SUCK IT BABY!! SUCK IT!! OH FUCK YES!!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCKKKKK. MEEEEEE.”

As you gasp for air, I begin to nibble on your pussy lips and pull them stretching them as I hold them with my teeth. All around your hole my mouth works letting your clit and your heart relax a little from the huge orgasms you have had.

But, suddenly, your hips lifted up again and you groan loudly as an incredible climax begins to cover your body. It started as a tiny tremor in your chest and ran quickly into a fucking hard pulsing orgasm inside your pussy. It then explodes throughout your entire body like nothing you have ever experienced before. It makes you scream in pleasure: “YES!! OH FUCK YES!! EAT ME!! EAT ME!! EAT ME!! EAT ME!! EAT ME!! EAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

Several seconds later, your body begins to tremble like you had received an electric shock. Then every muscle tenses and your heart is slamming against your chest . "Ohhhhhh Goddddddd."

You think: “OMG!! I’m having a fucking heart attack.”

But then you realize another smaller climax is ripping through your body. This one was kind of a surprise and while not as hard or as strong as some of the others, it seems to go on for a much longer time. You can feel the walls of your pussy throbbing with each wave of pleasure that rips through you. You begin to feel the need to fuck. Fuck a cock or anything long and hard.

As you look down between your open thighs, you can see my hands and face are soaked with your sex juices and you moan: “Oh god come on baby. Fuck me now. I want your cock inside me. Fuck me!”

I take his mouth off of your pussy but kept your legs up over the arms of the chair. I used his hand now and cup your fat very swollen outer lips of your dripping hot pussy. I squeeze the entire swollen cunt into my hand and get a low moan from your throat. As you lay back against the chair, I move my finger between the puffy sexually excited lips and softly rubbed the entire length of your slit up and down with all five fingers and the palm of my hand. My thumb is pushed back into your as hole.

I lick your neck and suck on your tongue as I whisper: “Did you like that baby? Did I get you off enough? Did I make you scream just like I told you I would? Did you like the way I ate your pussy? Did you? Did you like it? Do you want more?”

Before you realize it, I thrust 3 fingers back into your waiting pussy hole hard. And begin to ram your cunt with them. I whisper: “You like it hard? You love your pussy fucked hard don’t you? Fuck my fingers! Fuck yourself on my fingers dam it! I know you love this! I know it! I fucking know you love it! Don’t you? Tell me what a slut you are! Tell me how you like your pussy fucked hard and fast! Tell me!”

You can only moan as I finger you as hard as I can! I move my fingers around and turn my palm around and up so my fingers can search for and find your “G” spot. Within seconds my fingers locate it and I strokes it. As my hand gets covered with your slick fluid it runs down over my wrist and down my arm. You feel your head buzzing so loud with your passion you don’t hear me say: “I’m going to fuck you like a whore! Like the whore you are and you are going to love it! I’m going to fuck you the rest of the night and make you scream with my cock now!”

Your eyes are almost closed when you feel your “G” spot being rubbed and stimulated with the tips of my fingers. It effects you exactly like I had hoped it would. You begin to pant like an animal in heat as you rock your cunt on my hand and wait for the next orgasm you know I will give it you. You don’t have to wait but seconds before it begins. Your breath is taken away and your legs lift your ass up off the chair again. As you lift I thrust my fingers into harder and harder! I help you to lift your hips so your clit comes into contact with my hand! As I rub your “G” with the tips of my fingers my palm rubs your clit again! You feel my touch against your swollen sex and you respond. You gasped for each breath you take as I place my mouth over your mouth and fuck your mouth with my tongue! You lift and squeeze my hand against your sex hard. You moan and tell me: “Again! Do it again!! Do me! Oh god yes! Now suck my pussy again! Suck my pussy! Suck it baby. Make me cum! Please! Please! Please!! Eat me!! Eat me! EAT ME NOW!”

As I kneel between your thighs again, your hands grab my hair and pulled me into your pussy. I lick and kiss all around your pussy now making love to it hard. This last orgasm will be with a hard fast attack on your cunt! But you are going wild fucking my face, you don’t give a shit! All you want to do is cum. You moan out loudly: “Eat me! Oh yes eat me! EAT ME. DAM YOU EAT ME!! OH FUCK YES!1 OH GOD! THAT’S IT JUST LIKE THAT!! MUMMM!! OH YES!1 OH YES! IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD BABY.”

I feel you trying to hold off, but the building orgasm has taken over and as I press my mouth against your clit it hits you. I bury my nose against your wetness and let my tongue lick you like a cat licks milk. “AHHHHHH MY GOD YES. YES. YES. YES. THAT’S IT. THAT’S IT. I’M CUMMING. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You screamed as I lick and suck hard on your cunt. You feel like your insides were being sucked out of your pussy. It’s so strong it’s like your very sole was in my mouth! As I suck and suck and suck on this sweet pussy wide open in front of me, I hear your breath coming is short gasps! And when I put my tongue into your hole as deep as I can insert it, my middle finger goes deep into your ass hole making you screamed with sexual delight.

I have been eating your pussy for almost an hour now. And there is no let up, no slowing down. I begin to fuck your with my tongue again and again until I get you to moan out loud one last time. The feeling of your ass being fucked with my middle finger and my tongue licking and fucking your pussy, you began to cum again like a river. More and more of your juices flow over the lips of your pussy and into my mouth as I lap them up. The juices filled my mouth and covered my face as you try to hold my head tight against your pussy feeling my lips and tongue giving your what you so desperately wanted.

You drop your legs over my shoulders and began to hump my face up and down now that you can. You push forward up out of the chair surprising me! I fall backwards, you follow my keeping your pussy tight against my mouth. As you sit on my face now, you lift your ass pumping your cunt in time with my sucking. You begin to think: “Jesus this man really knows how to suck a pussy.”

You ram your cunt against my wet face one last time as you continue to cum. You feel your body begin to close down. Just as you are starting to recover a little, you feel me suck your extremely swollen clit between lips, and softly bit it with my teeth. Rockets go off again inside your head and the roaring come back in your head and you hold my head as you sit on it and climax again. You feel your body pump and thrust on my mouth as you cover my face completely.

Every cell in your body feels like it’s on fire. The heat radiating from your pussy feels like you are burning with a high temperature. Your body is slamming my face, but I hold on and suck. Your heart is beating so fast it scared you and you can’t catch your breath at all now. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!! MYYYYYY!!!! GODDDDDD!! YESSSSS!!!!!", you scream.

I had my arms under and around your thighs as you buck wildly, so hard, my lips slide off of your pussy and you slam it back on my mouth. My head is trapped between your squeezing knees on the side of my head and your hands pushing and pulling my head hard into your cunt. I have trouble breathing now as your pleasure and the taste and smell of your pussy and cum is making my wild for your body.

My cock is so hard it hurts and it sticks straight up in the air. I’m like a starving wolf that can’t get enough to eat. I have tasted your cum and inhaled your musk and it has driven me wild with his own lust and desire. I grab your body and roll you over on to your back. I begin to go completely out of control with my own needs. As I stay between your legs, I start to suck, and lick and finger your pussy and ass so hard and fast it drives you on and on and on. Your juices flying all over everything. It looks like your pussy is urinating. But you aren’t. You are cumming. As your body humps up and freezes in the air this time, you moan: “OH!! OH GOD!! OH GOD YES!! OH. . . OH . . . YESSSSSSSSSS!!! OH. . . GOD. . . YESSSSSSSSS. . . BABY!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS.S!!!"

I move my face from side to side and used my tongue, mouth and fingers to work over every inch of your pulsing sex. I even know to use my nose to help stimulate your body. I rub it on your very hard and very swollen and extremely sensitive clit. Your cum juice is smeared from one side of his face to the other and it drips off his chin and on to your stomach and the floor. It’s in my hair and all over my forehead. I am one sticky mess, but I know it is going to worth it because now you are going to fuck me like you know you can with that fantastic body of yours. I know I will receive the fucking of my life. Plus you know I love the taste and feel of your pussy so much. I love oral sex almost as much as I like to fuck, and now you believe me.

It had been a very long time since I have felt like this about any woman. But I genuinely like you a great deal. I like everything about you. Finally I feel you pulling my head trying to get it out from between your legs. I smile and give your wet pussy one last long slow lick and one last kiss before allowing you to pull my head up to your face.

As I lay on top of you now, I see your beautiful face smile at me as you use your hands to wipe away some of the wetness that had covered me. You wipe it from around my eyes and kiss me deeply. You can taste your own sex and sighed as I pulled back to look at you. You use the towel that you dropped when you came into the bedroom from then bathroom to wipe my face.

I truly think you are so beautiful. I also know you have never experienced anything with oral sex that was close to what I have just given you. No one had ever given your that many orgasms in your life from oral sex. You never knew that oral sex could be this good, this exciting and last this long. Your other lovers usually gave you one or maybe two orgasm and then rolled off of you and wanted to fuck right away to satisfy themselves. But you know I stayed with you until I knew I had given you what you wanted.

As I stands up and helps you up off the floor, you can see how hard and red my cock is now. You watch it pulsing and jumping with my own need. You know what is coming and you can’t wait. Your head is still spinning some. You kissed me and as we reach the bed you tell me: “Lay back baby let me make love to you now. Let me fuck you! I’ll do all the work here! You rest. Let me make love to you”

I smile as I lay back and say: “Make love to me later. Fuck me like an animal now!”

You looked down and see my cock rock hard and sticking up in the air from between my legs. I lay on my back and you move over me like a lioness moving over her prey. You are very hungry. Hungry to fuck this man and give him pleasure like he has given you. You hunger for more sex. You can see from my face I hunger too! You’re hungrier than you have been in a very long time.

You want to please this man but you are the predator now. You positioned your mouth above my hard cock. and I can feel your breath on my cock now. Then I feel your mouth begin to cover the very swollen cock head. Automatically I elevate my hips hoping I can put more of my cock into your wonderful mouth. I can feel your breath coming out of your nose as you sucked hard on just the hard cock head. I moan now as I feel your lips cover more of my hard cock as you move down the long hard shaft. I can feel your breasts moving over my thighs as your head remains between my legs sucking hard on my cock.

I realized I won’t last very long at this pace before I shoot a huge load into your warm wet mouth. You pop the head out of your mouth and lick the pre-cum out of the hole. I nave be so excited for so long from seeing and licking your pussy and the idea of having you fuck me now, I know I am going to cum.

While your sucking is so good, I wanted to cum in your pussy the first time. I want my first orgasm to fill your body with my cum. I try to tell you: “Oh god Love. If you don’t slow down I‘m going to cum so hard in your mouth baby, I might blow your head off.”

You laugh with my cock in your mouth. You pop your mouth off my very swollen cock head and said: “Then do it!! Fill my mouth with your cum baby. Let me taste you baby like you tasted me.”

And you begin sucking on my cock head harder and begin to take it down your throat. With more tongue power, I see your cheeks cave in as you suck hard on my dick trying to make me cum. You want me to cum and you want to taste all of my sperm. I moan and elevate my ass as I begin to pump and pump my hips as I fuck your mouth and your hand as you pump my shaft. Your other hand moves between my ass cheeks and you insert your thumb into my ass hole now.

You hear me moan loudly and you take me deep into your mouth and down your throat. As your throat and lips suck and fucks my cock, I cry out as I begin to cum. My orgasm is hard and I do what I told you I would do. Your throat and mouth is full with my cum as I empties my nuts into your mouth and down your throat.

You take me down your throat again like you told me you took the long vibrator. You can feel my cock thump, and thump, and thump, and thump in your throat spewing out shot after shot of my cum. Gulping load after load down your throat you know I am filling you belly with it. But, you continue to suck and lick on my cock until you feel me finally stop cumming and lower my hips and ass down on the bed again.

You smile up at me and continue to suck my cock and balls until you get me hard again. I grab you hard and pull you up to me until your knees are straddling my hips. I tell you: “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me now. Come on baby. Fuck me like you told me you would do. Fuck me! Fuck me!! NOW DO IT!”

As I kiss you long and hard fucking your mouth with my tongue you slow sink your sweet wet pussy down on my very wet and hard cock. As you do you break the kiss and smile down at him and ask: “Is this what you want baby? Is this what you hunger for? Does my pussy give you what you want, what you need? Is this what you are so hungry for?”

You hear me moan: “Yes. Oh god yes!! Oh fuck yes!! Fuck me baby Fuck me and cum with me!”

In pure sexual animal attraction and lust we each begin to fuck each other hard and fast. Moaning and yelling and finally screaming with rage, passion and lust, we both ram into each other moving towards our mutual climax1 We both know when it happens it will be one of the best if not the best fuck either of us has ever had.


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