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Hi! I'm Cindy

ďMore. I want more.Ē This is what I think.

pussyeuphoria.com ďMore. I want more.Ē This is what I think. This is what I always think.

I want to see more, to imagine more.

Fucking isnít at all what is in my mind. What Iím thinking of is pressing my face into your panties, inhaling your scent, and breathing in deeply, breathing out, hot-ly, so you can feel the steam in my breath on your clit.

Pressing my finger against your clit, through those panties. Pressing my palm, hard, against you.

Pressing you up against a wall, shoving my hand down your panties, feeling you, feeling how hot, how wet, how fucking ready, your pussy is for me, shoving my fingers deep inside of you swiftly, hard, deep.

Iím right, arenít I? Iím right.

Youíre ready.


Oral sex is eating. I go down on you because Iím hungry. I want to devour you, to taste you. Iím hungry for you. Yes, I suppose, Iím hungry for your pleasure (see below). But when itís best, when Iím best, itís not for you, for your pleasure, that I dive between your legs and devote myself to your pussy. Itís for me, for my pleasure, to satisfy my need, to quench my desire. Because Iím famished.


Not yours, mine. There are few ways I would rather spend a Friday evening (or a Saturday morning, or a Tuesday afternoon, orÖ) than luxuriating in the taste, the smell, the feel Ė all of the sensations Ė of your pussy. I donít care if you cums, really. I donít care if it feels good for you. Itís for me, for my pleasure that I choose to place my head between your thighs, to press my lips and tongue against you, to probe deep inside you. Your pleasure is about and for me. If you enjoy yourself, thatís great, but donít mistake my motives: this isnít for you. If you feel pleasure, that pleasure belongs to me. I own it. It is mine.


The act of pussy-licking is as much about my communicating with you, my telling you, my showing you, my causing you to have an embodied knowledge of everything Iíve written above. When my tongue is on your clit, a finger in your pussy, maybe another in your ass, or on your pubis, or grabbing your thigh, or breast, if Iím doing it right, you will know deep inside Ė in your head, in your heart, in your pussy Ė how true this is.

Well, even before thatÖ.

I love how you look. I love how your clothes draw my eyes between your legs.

Itís not possible to look at you and not to imagine your panties pressing against your pussy, absorbing your wetness, standing between your pussy and your clothes and even after I tear your clothes off, between your pussy and me.

I live for the approach to your pussy. Kissing your thighs, tracing the edge of your panties. Sliding a finger up into them, into you. Sliding my tongue under the elastic on your thigh. Pressing my nose into your pussy through the fabric, inhaling your musky smell deeply, feeling the moisture on my cheek, through my beard.

And thenÖ.

Get these fucking panties out of the way. Spread your legs. I want to taste you, to feel you on my tongue, nose, cheek, lips, beard, eyes. I want your juices covering every inch of my face, of my head. I want your juices on my mouth, and in the back of my throat.

Damn, this is good.

I fucking love how you taste.

Your thighs are so great Ė I want them everywhere Ė on my ears, on top of my head, between my teeth. I love feeling how you react, hearing how you react.

Put your hands on my head. Push my head, pull it, caress my ears, guide me.

Donít cum yet Ė please Ė donít cum.



I love how you press your pussy into my face, how hungry you are for your orgasm. ďNo, you may not yet.Ē

I love the [hair]/[stubble]/[smoothness].

I love your smell.

I love your taste.

I love the feel of your clit on my tongue, your pussy on my lips, your lips on my chin, my nose pressing against you, into you, as my tongue is working. I love the sensation of your juices dripping all over my face. I wish there were more space to work with Ė I want both of my hands in you while I lick your clit. I want a finger in your ass, one (or two, or three) in your pussy, all while my tongue and a finger (and a vibrator?) are on your clit, while Iím pressing into you.

Can you handle that?

I love the feeling of power, of potency, of competence I get when I feel your body quivering under me. ďNO, I wonít fuck you. THIS is how I want you to cum first.Ē

If I spread your legs, can I get better access? Spread them flat on the bed? In the air? Back toward your shoulders? Iíll try them all. Which works best?


[fast forward]

ďOk Ė yes Ė go ahead.Ē


[repeat as necessary, until begged to stop]


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