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Hi! I'm Cindy

Can I eat your pussy for breakfast?

pussyeuphoria.com The early morning light peeks through the blinds revealing the creature that lies beside me. Your breathing is the only sound in the room. The smell of warm vanilla sugar drifts to my nose as I slowly move toward you. The blanket is half over you revealing the shapely back of a goddess, I move it completely. Admiring the rise and fall of your curves. I slowly straddle you, my penis touches your ass slightly causing my penis to wake up instantly.

You stirs and says "baby what are you doing?" You knows exactly I'm your alarm clock this morning. I whisper in your ear "can I eat your pussy for breakfast?" you giggles and says "babe." Kissing your ear as I spread your legs apart with my knee and start to grind against your ass in a slow teasing rhythm. You moan and start to push your ass into my penis, with each contact my penis gets harder. I can feel the wetness on your ass. This morning I don't want to cum like that, I wanted your wet pussy squirting all in my face and down my throat. Yes, I was on some serious porn shit this morning.

Rolling over from you, you knew what I wanted without any words being spoken. You gets on your knees and crawls up and straddle my head while grabbing the head board. The beautiful creature above me is breathtaking. I look past your delicious tits into your sparkling eyes, which displays desire. You lower your wet pussy inches from my mouth I stick my long tongue out and flick your clit once.

The shiver in your body tells me this won’t take long. The pussy comes down on my lips I keep them closed as you move back and forward against them slowly a moan escape your mouth you sighs my name. My hands are holding your hips as I open my mouth you push your pussy in and I welcome it. Licking from your soaking wet pussy hole to your hard big clit back and forward very slowly, alternating sliding my tongue inside your pussy. Opening my eyes briefly you have your head thrown back your mouth is open your nipples are hard as rocks moving up and down in frantic movements.

Pussy juice is beginning to slide down my chin. I suck on your engorged clit harder and harder a stream of hot pussy juice comes out on my neck. Moving my tongue in circle eight motions and switching it to up and down motions it drives you crazy. Turning it up a notch with fast circles around your clit. You goes insane "FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!!!" your tempo picks up faster gripping the head board tighter. Eyes shut and beautiful tits moving around, truly a sexy site.

pussyeuphoria.comLeaving your clit for a second to tongue fuck your pussy in and out as you moves up and down. The taste of your pussy is so sweet, and the sound of your wetness moves throughout the room which turns me on extremely. Moving my left hand from your hip to my penis rubbing it fast and hard. "BABE I'M ABOUT TO CUM!" you say with difficulty as you moves. I take my right hand and slowly move it from your hip to the entrance of your pussy. My mouth is closed and lips on your clit as I position three fingers to enter you. My tongue circles around your clit fast and hard my digits enter you fast and hard all at once. "FUCK!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!! Moving my fingers I position myself to receive you. You SQUIRTS all over me, my mouth fills of you and spills down my neck and on my chest.

My girl is spent, catching your breath you lays down and I clean you up slowly with my tongue. Sensual, slow tongue licks all over your pussy lips inside, around and over your clit again and again. Crawling up to your face I whisper "Thank you for the best breakfast ever."


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