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Hi! I'm Cindy

A Mouthful of Delight in very lick!

Please read this when you are alone and can take the time to enjoy it.

I love the sweet, musky taste and that heady aroma. For me, the taste and scent are even better when a pussy is completely shaved or very nearly hairless; perhaps a mini "Mohawk" or a landing strip.

But I love making oral love to your entire body. First you must lie down on your tummy. I start just behind your ear and gently lift your hair to kiss the nape of your neck. Next, long minutes kissing your shoulder blades before I move down your spine, one kiss at a time. I find those two sweet little hollows each side of the base of your spine, and dip my tongue into each dimple before moving down to your soft round buns. I hold your buttocks firmly in my hands, covering them with kisses and running my tongue down the crack of your ass.

Now for those wonderful sexy legs of yours! I take your left thigh between my hands and extend my tongue, trailing it from the crease all the way down to the back of your knee. I tickle that sensitive spot with the tip of my tongue and feel you wriggle under me. I kiss my way down over your firm calf until I'm kissing the back of your ankle. I move back up and take your right thigh in my hands, and repeat my kissing safari from ass to ankle. I hear you sigh as your body totally relaxes and you surrender to my oral ministrations.

Gently I roll you over and you lay on your back, eyes closed, a slight smile on your lips. I lean down and move my lips up over your instep and kiss my way up your shin to your knee, then on up the front of your left thigh. As my tongue draws nearer to your groin, I feel you tense, as you wonder if I am about to touch your pussy with my tongue. But just when it seems inevitable, I move back down and lift your right foot to my lips. And so begins my slow, luxurious oral journey up your right leg.

I kiss my way to your hip, and then pause. I move up until my face is close to yours. Your head is tilted back and I gently kiss your throat. You make little purring noises as I move my lips down between your superb breasts. I take your left breast gently between my hands and plant little dabbing kisses on the warm, pliant flesh. I take the nipple between my teeth and softly lash the tip with my tongue. You gasp with pleasure. And now your right breast is lifted to my mouth and I bathe it with my tongue before sucking the hard, puckered nipple deep into my mouth. I alternate between your breasts for long, indulgent minutes. Your breathing is becoming more rapid and your chest is rising and falling under my mouth.

But now I must move down, down.

I trail my tongue to your belly button and swirl it wetly. You sigh with pleasure. And then you groan as you feel me moving lower. Gently but firmly, I part your thighs and gaze down at your pussy. The lips are puffed and slightly parted. A dewdrop of your moisture slips lazily down the warm, pink flesh.

Slowly, I lower my face and extend my tongue. I move forward until just the very tip is grazing the outer edge of your pussy. You shiver and groan. I nibble up and down each side of your labia and you mew in frustration. I give in to your demands. With gentle fingers I peel open your lips and inhale your intoxicating musk. I lean forward, my mouth wide open. I envelope the inner folds of your trembling pussy completely with my mouth. You cry out as you feel my tongue swirling inside you, restlessly lashing the hot wet entrance to your pussy.

I move my face slightly and with the tips of my fingers, I lightly peel back the hood of your clitoris. I look down at the glistening red button for a few teasing moments then move forward and press my lips to the nub of flesh. Your entire body jerks and you let out a short little scream of pleasure, as you feel my tongue on your clit... at last! After an hour of oral lovemaking. You press your mound upwards, grinding it into my face.

I sense that you are on the edge of a powerful orgasm. As your breathing becomes more ragged and you begin to tremble, I push a finger into your pussy, massaging your g-spot as I continue to lap at your clit. And then it hits. You scream and clamp my head between your thighs, thrusting against me. My face is covered with your hot pungent juices.

As your orgasm subsides, I continue to lick you, sucking your labia into my mouth, lapping up your nectar that tastes sweeter than honey. I am relentless and will not let you rest. One orgasm follows another and you cum again and again, until you fall back... limp, spent, and totally satisfied.


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