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Are you horny yet? Do you want to cum?

pussyeuphoria.com I want to press my face into your jeans, to feel how hot your pussy is in anticipation of what I’m about to do to it.

I want to slide your jeans down, off your legs, over your ankles to reveal your thighs, your knees.

I want to force your knees wide apart, to expose your pussy, covered by your panties, to the air, to my gaze.

I want to feel the fabric with my lips, to drag my beard across the silk, to catch on it briefly, while my fingers trace the elastic in the crevice between your thigh and your pussy, while my finger darts under that elastic, collecting just a little of the sweaty, musky, salty, wetness that awaits me. To use my tongue, chin, cheek, nose, to press your panties into you, to saturate them with your juices.

I want to tear them off of you, in one fluid, violent stroke.

I want to fling you back by your thighs, so your ass is in the air, exposed to me, so I can start by licking your little hole, and slowly, slowly, bring my tongue up, up, past your taint, to the very bottom of your pussy’s lips. So I can trace up one lip, skip over your clit (for now), and trace down the other, leaving my tongue where I started. So I can press my tongue into you as I slide it up, slowly, slowly, savouring your taste, even as a finger gently, almost tickling, finds your little hole and begins to press against it.

I want to lick that finger, so, slippery with my spit, with your pussy, it slides, if not easily, at least comfortably, into your ass.

I want my tongue to find your clit just as my finger enters your little hole and maybe just as another finger enters your pussy.

I want to look up at your face, to ask, “Is this right? Am I doing this right?” And if I am, you won’t even see me, your eyes rolled back, or closed.

You won’t hear the sound of me slurping you up, lapping you up. You will be lost in sensation as my tongue is on your clit, my fingers are in your little hole, your pussy, my arm is on your abdomen, my other hand is grabbing a nipple. Hard.

You won’t hear me, will you?


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