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Hi! I'm Cindy

"Such a good girl"

pussyeuphoria.com Leaning down I kiss your forehead gently. "Such a good girl" I whisper in the darkness.

My tool throbs and pokes wildly into nothingness as I move to the bottom of the bed. I gently tug at your panties wriggling them slowly down your legs, You stir a little and I stood frozen. I swiftly pull them down over your knees and off. My eyes held by your slick, smooth snatch glistening. My finger strokes from your puckering little ass along your lips and over your clit, coated with your woman cum you slip it inside my mouth, letting out a low groan as I suck it clean. Sweet as honey, I want more.

I kneel on the bed, pushing your legs apart at the thighs, my tongue traces circles over your clit. Swirling round and round. Taking it between my lips, sucking it softly at first then harder. I stroke my tongue down over your pussy, lapping at your juices trickling from your tiny opening. Using my fingers I spread your lips, pushing my tongue inside, You moan softly. Your ass lifts off the bed pushing your snatch against my hungry mouth. My tongue twists and turns inside you, your hand rests on the back of my head pressing me against you. "ohhhhh Paul" You whimper "i've been waiting for you so long!" My tongue moves back up to your clit, tugging it gently between my lips. Encircling it, teasing it whilst I ease two fingers into your dripping tunnel. Working them in and out, using a come hither motion as I apply pressure inside. The room is spinning, your whole body tingles, You can't focus on any one thing as your body spasms, your thighs clamp round my head threatening to suffocate me. You can't move, You can't speak, your whole body tenses, held in this beautiful rapture as your orgasm crashes against you, wave after wave rolling through your body, splashing against my face as a torrent of cum gushes out your tight hole, again and again.

pussyeuphoria.comI can't restrain myself a moment longer, pressing the tip against your tight snatch I thrust forward sinking into my girl depths. "Deeper Paul!" You cry in the throes of passion. I am only too happy to oblige as my cock pumps deeper, harder, faster into your tight pussy. The heat from your opening enveloping my cock as I slide against your silky walls, your muscles contracting squeezing the shaft, pulling me deeper inside your velvet sheath. A low gutteral groan releases from deep in my throat, as I feel my balls rise up towards my torso. The warm tingly sensation in them swiftly mounting into a feeling of fullness, your pussy throbbing against me, I am getting closer, I can't stop, I feel my semen rising up your shaft. The euphoric rush so intense, as the first spurt of my hot creamy load forces it's way out of my cock head, quickly followed by a second and a third. Erupting like a volcano deep inside the depths of my girl, splashing my seed against your fertile womb. I collapse forward onto your breasts, completely spent, my legs shaking and your smooth snatch still hugging my flaccid cock.

Our bodies shimmering with a thin layer of perspiration, our hearts racing and our breathing laboured. "That was incredibly Paul!" You murmur.

I roll over to the side of you, pulling you into me, our bodies fitting together like two pieces of a jigsaw, too exhausted to speak I slowly drift off, holding my angel in my arms.

You listen to the rhythmic pattern of my breathing, as it steadies and slows. You drift off with a smile, knowing that tonight is just a taster of what is still to come.


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