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Hi! I'm Cindy

Do you leave your front door unlocked?

pussyeuphoria.com I enter your place thru the unlocked front door. With the music playing you don't hear a thing! I find you on your knees in the bathroom cleaning the tub. Your back to me. I cannot believe my luck. I quickly kneel behind you and place my hand over your mouth. Your pulse quickens. Your breathing becomes heavy. Blood rushes thru your entire body in a single flash. You want to speak....but the words are caught in your throat. You should be scared but you are nothing short of invigorated......alert. Everything in sharp focus! I lean in and press myself against you. You can smell the coffee on mine warm breath. It's intoxicating. I whisper in your ear......"You must be quiet. I will remove my hand if you give me your word that you will do as I say." You nod my agreement. As I remove my hand I stroke your hair, your neck, your shoulders, my quivering warm breath reminding you just how close I am to you. You are consumed with desire for me. "You are not to speak to me or turn around. Do you understand?" You nod yes. "I have been watching you for some time now." "Your long sleek sexy body as you go on your walks and run your errands." There is an immediate physical response as my whisper my thoughts to you. An uncontrollable heat and wetness between your legs. I reach down and take a fistful of your t shirt in each hand pulling it over your head. You can feel my eyes on you. Your nipples are hard.....aroused. You are growing wetter.......hungrier. I fondle your breasts. Cupping them....playing with them....enjoying them. My hands are so warm to the touch.

You can feel the intense heat of my desire....my hunger. My sweet warm breath on your neck, shoulders, ears, back. You quiver at my touch. You are defenceless. I reach down and slowly remove your pants.....your undies. The slow pace is gorgeous torture making you wetter. Increasing your desire. You long to reach out. To touch me... See me.... Kiss me..... Speak to me. But you are a good girl. You hear me behind you. Taking my clothes off. The jingle of my belt....the sweet hiss of my zipper. Your pussy throbs. "You are a very good girl. I am so please with you." I press my warm chest into your back. My heat leaves you breathless. My fingers explore the wetness between your legs. A moan escapes us both as I feel your hot wet pussy. My finger slides inside of you......fingering you....playing with your swollen clit. "Damn you are so wet .....my good girl." You can feel my hot hard cock against you. You want me inside of you. I rub my cock on your wet pussy...sliding slowly and firmly up to rub my clit. You moving in front of me...trying to position yourself for your needs. Trying to get me inside you. I clutch your hips and enter ......slowly ......deeply. Feeling every luscious wet inch of your tight inviting pussy. I moan my pleasure.

pussyeuphoria.comYou move in rhythm to my strokes. You need every long hard inch of me. My hands are everywhere.....your breasts, butt, hips, neck, hair, shoulders. My warm breathy heavy moans fill your ears. I tell you how I have longed to be inside of you, consuming you, pleasuring you. How I have wanted to hear your moans, smell you, taste you. I feel my excitement growing. "Now don't you cum....not yet" "Play with my balls." "Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh." "That's my good girl." I slide out slowly and rub your clit with my wet cock............... Covered in our juices. Then I slide back inside you. Stroking deeper and with more urgency. "Play with your clit for me." "Cum for me" You stroke your swollen wet clit....long, slow firm strokes. You are Engorged. Overcome with desire you speak...... "I'm going to cum all over your big hard cock." I tweak my nipples, reach up and take a handful of your hair, pull back your head and firmly bite your neck.

"That was for speaking."

You are lost now.

Gone somewhere else.

My groans are in the distance now. I cum just as you do.....long......intense...... I fill you with my cum.

The aroma of our sex is thick.

The energy of it lingers as we fall into an indescribable bliss.

As I slide slowly out of you

I whisper.... "You are MY good girl."

Cum is dripping down your legs. You reach down and cover your fingers with our cum....unaware of me behind you.

You put your fingers to your mouth for a taste. Warm....sweet......sooooo gooood. You turn around but I am gone.

Your Front Door: Locked or Unlocked?

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