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Hi! I'm Cindy

Is all About Passion!

Hello my dear:

Please read this when you are alone and can take the time to enjoy it.

Getting together with you would be wonderful for both of us. If you liked, you could undress me. Take off my shirt revealing my chest. Would you like to take off my shoes and socks or would you want me to do that myself

Then, you could undo my jeans, unzip them, and take them down my legs. You would see my male organ would probably be already tenting out my boxer with my erection.

Now, standing before you with only my undershorts, you could draw my boxer down my legs and watch as my erection would spring out of my boxer and stand up proudly erect for you. Yes, my foreskin would already be drawn back revealing the purple gland on top.

Undoubtedly, there would be a drop or two of my pre-cum fluids rolling out of the hole on top of the gland…the better to slide into tight places. Would you want to fondle that erection, just look at it quivering before you, or would you kiss and suck it into your mouth? Would you try to take all six inches of it into your mouth?

At that point, I would venture to say that you would be highly aroused. However, let me sit down and watch you undress for me. Off with your blouse and skirt (or slacks or jeans). Please take off anything you have on your feet so that you are only wearing your panties and bra. I want to adore my woman with my eyes, so please turn around in a circle, slowly. I want to enjoy the view of my nearly nude woman.

The sight of your breast encased in your bra and all your wonderful female equipment hidden in your panties is so good. Finally, I would want you to take off the bra. I could unhook it for you, if that would be easier for you. Then, those two fleshy mounds would be there before my eyes. I know they would look wonderful to me.

Would you hold them up for me to kiss and lick? Yes, I would want to taste you, sucking them into my mouth…first one and then the other. I would want to cup them in my hands to feel the weight and softness of them.

Oh, I love your breasts and your nipples. I want all of you exposed to my eyes and my touch. Please take down the panties and hand them to me so I can touch the crotch to see how wet they are. Are you very aroused? I hope so.

Now, I want to examine your most female part. I want to run my fingers through your pubic hair and touch it against my face. I know you would be aroused so there would be the wonderful aroma of an excited woman. Then, my hands would find the insides of your warm, soft thighs. Gently my hands would explore the inner surfaces of your thighs, from your pussy down to your knees and back again.

I know your fluids would be flowing freely now. You would bend to me and kiss my lips so you would be relittle holeured that I love what I see…my woman, naked for me…ready for me…aching for me.

One of my fingers would gently part the lips of your pussy to explore…first up one side and then down the other side. Now at my touch, your female lubricants would be pouring out of you, wetting everywhere. I would not touch your swollen clitoris at this point. I would send two fingers into the depths of your sex tunnel to explore to the very depths of you. Would you be able to stand before me as I explored your beautiful body? Or would you have to sit down because your legs would be weak?

Sit, and part your thighs so your lover can enjoy touching you. A kiss on your lips, a kiss on your neck, your shoulders, your breasts, down across your stomach, and into your pubic hair. A man, enjoying the structure and beauty of his woman.

Now, lie back on the bed with your legs parted so I have full access to your pussy. The fluids would be almost gushing out of you from feverish excitement. My fingers would enter you, getting oh so lubricated with your female fluids. Then, you would feel my pinky gently slide into the tightness of your little hole. I will bet there would be a little gasp as you felt my finger enter that super tight opening.

Then, two fingers would enter your tight tunnel of love and probe right to the back of you. And finally a very wet thumb would center on your swollen clitoris. You would find waves of excitement flowing throughout your body. All of the fingers would be providing you with new sensations of sexual excitement.

Those fingers would begin to move on your super sensitive parts…slowly drawing out of your little hole and pussy and brushing down on your clitoris. I can almost hear your gasp as you feel the first of many spasms of excitement. My lips would be locked on yours as my hand played with your most sensitive female parts.

Slowly at first, just a little movement…in…out…down…up. The feelings would be all encomplittle holeing…all over your body, muscles would tense as excitement flowed through you. Now, the fingers would go just a bit faster…in your little hole, in your pussy, and across your clitoris. You are approaching a huge mountain of pleasure. It rises throughout your body, getting more and more intense. You are feeling tremendous excitement rushing throughout you.

Oh, how wonderful it is. And, getting ever so close to your orgasm. Oh, don’t stop…

Now the pressure increases and the tempo increases in-out-in-out. Your tension rises to a fever pitch. You can think of nothing else except the pleasure your entire being is experiencing. Your clitoris seems to be on fire…your entire body nearly bursting with excitement. The tempo increases again and you are almost in ecstasy.

Oh, how wonderful Inoutinoutinoutinout…oh and the rubbing on your clitoris is so intense. Your clit is sending spasm after spasm of pleasure shooting everywhere at once. It is so intense. You are so close to the edge. It is so wonderful. Oh, don’t stop…let this never end. It is so goooooood.

Finally, you reach the end of your climb up the mountain of pleasure and you cascade over the other side. It is like electric shocks everywhere at once. You are riding the crest of a wave of orgasmic pleasure. Winding, twisting, and going down so fast, so smoothly, like a bobsled, the waves of pleasure everywhere at once. You are tingling in your hair…down to your toes. The pleasure and release is tremendous. All the cares of the world dissolve as your orgasm cascades throughout your being.

Oh, down, down, such pleasure, so good. Twisting, turning, your body alive and responding to your lover’s touch. Everything is so right. Such pleasure. Flowing hard, feeling the juices run down your crack. You know you are soaked and you don’t care one bit. And, yet the pleasure continues…inoutinoutinout…oh don’t let it stop. I want to be here forever. I am giving myself completely to my lover for his pleasure and mine.

After an eternity, you become aware of the end of the toboggan ride of ecstasy. Even though the fingers are still doing their magic, the feelings of intense pleasure are slowing down ever so slightly. You are no longer locked in a whirlwind of intense orgasmic pleasure. Things are slowing down, ever so slowly. You are now aware of where you are and what is happening to you.

You are coming down from the most intense orgasm. But, the fingers are still sliding in and out of your pussy and your little hole. You are still flowing profusely. You are regaining the composure that you thoroughly lost…coming down…such pleasure throughout your being.

You can feel me kissing your lips and everything seems so right. You are so satisfied, feeling so relaxed…just sinking into the warmth of the bed…enjoying the afterglow of your climax. It was so wonderful. I kiss you one last time on the lips and you feel my kisses move off your lips and start down your body…your neck….your shoulders…your chest…your breasts….your stomach…your mound with your soft pubic hair…oh, so gooooooood.

You spread your thighs for me and I get between them. Then it happens! The thrill is back and it is even more intense than you could imagine. I part the lips of your pussy and you can feel my tongue exploring all over. The electricity is flashing through you. Then, you feel me suck on the top of your super sensitive clitoris. The head of your clitoris almost explodes.

You feel my tongue gently run across your clitoris and you are lifted into a new world of sexual pleasure and intensity. Cum for me lover…give me all of yourself. I want you to explode.

Okay, my dear, this got much longer than even I expected.

Hopefully you’ve had a least one good orgasm reading this.

If you did cum, there is more to come for you.

You just have to tell me that you got off and you want more.

Do you want it?


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