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Hi! I'm Cindy

The Perfect Dinner for Me!

pussyeuphoria.com I have been at work not knowing that you are preparing a delicious meal for me, I call to let you know I am on the way and you tell me to hurry up before my "dinner" gets cold I assure you that I am on my way.... I been missing you all day and I can wait to see you Hmmm wonder what you could have made... I pull up... get out and open the door... walk in there is Slow music on and there are candles light... you call me to the dinner table and there you are laid across the table... looking extra sexy dressed in all black... black bra, thigh highs, garter belt... no panties mmmmm yeah i am definitely hungry and i wanna feast on you... "hi honey, hope you like what i made you for dinner" you say to me... "yeah, my favorite".... i lean down and kiss you softly on the lips...you place your hand on my face and then make your way around to the back of my head and pull me closer to you...i get lost in your kisses.... tasting your lip gloss, sucking on your lips... damn baby.... your kisses are always so sweet.... i sit down in the chair... you slide to the edge of the table... i scoot closer... kiss the inside of your thighs... i hear you let out a light moan....i rub my nose across your clit and gently kiss your moist lips... then i lick the juices from my lips... mmmmm you taste good...

I spread your lips apart your lips are glistening from the wetnes... i take a long lick up and down your juices all over my tongue... i watch your stomach move in and out you are breathing heavily as my tongue is exploring your pussy licking the inside of your lips up to your clit and sliding my tongue across it... wrapping my lips around then flicking my tongue you sit up and grab the top of my head gently... grinding on my face... mmmm that's right baby get my whole face wet.... i pull back and kiss you all over one soft kiss at a time... moving my tongue on the outside of your lips now getting you wet all over inside and out...your thighs start to tremble... cum in my mouth baby... i pull you to the edge of the table and fold your legs back slightly... spread your pussy apart... stick my tongue out all the way andlet it enter your pussy real slow moving the tip as i make my way in all the way up to my lips... your eyes roll in the back of your head and you bite your lip... i love tasting your juices baby damn i could eat you all night.... i take my thumb and massage your clit teasing you... stimulating you ... i feel ur pussy tight around my tongue... yes baby cum in my mouth down my throat i wanna drink from your pussy... you grab my head and let out a loud scream i move my tongue in and out while i'm rubbing on your clit ... your juicies spilling all over my lips and my tongue i stop momentarily so you can catch your breath... i pull my tongut out of your pussy and suck on your clit real soft and slow and kiss your lips as if i was kissing your mouth.... i'm not done yet though...

Just when you think i am done i push away from the table and pull you down gently until you are standing then i turn you around and bend you over...smacking you on your ass just enough to make it sting a little...then i kiss and nibble on your cheeks... i watch your legs spread wider waiting for me to bury my face between...your clit is swollen and sensitive from me playin with it, licking and sucking...i go in face first gettin my tongue real wet to make your clit feel good...the tip of my nose teasing your hole...im slurping on you making loud noises i look up and you are gripping the table pushing your pussy back on me working your clit in my mouth... i drop to my knees and reach up and continue to suck on your clit then slide 2 fingers inside of you...wow alot of juice came down and i want every drop i taste your cum all over your clit...you are dripping wet, i take my fingers out and lick them clean and spread your pussy apart sliding my tongue in as deep as it will go...throw it back on me while i fuck your pussy with my mouth...yeah that's it cum for me baby ... your legs start to shake, your knees buckle, my tongue still inside of you i reach under and massage your clit to make sure you cum as hard as possible...feed me baby i wanna swallow every drop i love tasting you mmmm i could have you for dinner every night :)


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