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Hi! I'm Cindy

pussyeuphoria.com I have you lying down flat on your back, your legs open for me, and you are unable to hide anything at this point. You can feel your heart pounding hard; you want to beg me to touch me. You are told not to move a muscle, and you want to obey. Your body screams to squirm towards me, almost offering yourself to me, but I know this already.

You can feel my fingers brush along your inner thigh, running from your pussy towards your knee. My eyes locked on your, and you’re on mine. A cheeky grin set upon my face. You can feel my fingers skim back up towards your pussy.

‘Oh yes please.’ You think to yourself, knowing you are to be silent, not to say a word. The softest of moans escape your lips. My smile widens, knowing how badly you are trying to control yourself. When we both know I am in full control.

“All in good time, Dear.”

My words are like silk, pure honey, dripping with passion. A tremble rumbles through you as you fight not to let it be known. Goose bumps cover your body as it warms, and your skin tingles with the smallest of touches.

A single finger runs along your slit, finding you already deliciously wet. I have been teasing you for nearly a half hour, with barely any touch. The things I do to you make your body go weak. I let my finger glide across your clit, your body naturally responds.

“Tut tut, Dear. Keep still. Don’t make you remind I again.”

“Yes Dear.” You whisper, almost a whimpering sound escaping your lips.

My finger continues to dance along your slit, causally hitting your clit testing your limits. You don’t know how much longer you can hold out without begging me for more of my touch. The greed inside you wants to erupt.

I finally lean down, getting into a comfortable spot between you. My hands circle around your legs, pulling you closer towards me. My mouth engulfs your pussy, shoving my face deeply between your folds. Your hands grab the sheets; you cry out but snap your mouth shut quickly. You tremble hard, as I devour you.

“Oh fuck! Yes please!”

You gasp out as I give into you. I got you moaning now, your mind is lost. Your body is mine. My tongue working it’s magic on you, plunging inside you. Your hips roll suddenly, with a hungry need. This time you don’t tell me to stop; I let you move to my wicked ways. Your nerve endings through your entire body stand to attention, screaming with desires. You want to scream with delight as I work you.

In and out, deeper inside you my tongue goes. “Oh fuck, please. More!” You beg with such a need. I comply, giving you what you need. Your body responds, feeling yourself being brought to a new level of ecstasy. I lift your legs higher, finding more of you to please. my tongue quickly dives in, fucking you as though it was my cock. Your head rolls up, looking towards the ceiling, crying out for me. My name is lingering on your sweet, perfect lips.

The way your hips move with me, with such a steady hungry need, it’s perfect. We both feel it, my fingers move up to tease your clit. They begin to move deftly, knowing what to do. It makes you call out for me again once more. You drop your head, looking down at me watching me.

I do that thing I do, oh fuck I do. You feel the moans of my vibrations deep inside your core. With that, it’s all you need. You grip my hair, moving your hips, whimpering out my name. You feel yourself about to erupt when I stop and growl “No! Not yet!” You cry out, holding it back as I attack your tender pussy once more.

My soft tongue attacks you with a hungry need; you can hear and feel my moan for you. The mix of your juices and my saliva dripping between your legs. Your clit grows harder, bigger for me. I move closer to suck it into my mouth now, with two fingers pushed inside you. “Oh God, Please!” You cry out once more.

I don’t answer, you have to obey. ‘Be a good girl’ You keep telling yourself in your head. You can’t lose it, You won’t disappoint me. My teeth grip your clit, tongue flicking fast, fingers moving deeper. Your legs pushed up higher, as I let go of your clit now, dipping my tongue back deep inside of you. My head moves with a wonderfully slow need, pushing deeper within your walls. Your pussy, your body, your soul, your mind and all that you are, is mine.

“Please!” You beg again, You can no longer hold it. You tremble so hard, it feels as though you are falling from the earth around you. Your orgasm explodes, it’s strong and powerful, you shake with need. “Fuck, please, don’t stop!” Your pleas are tangled into moans of desperation.

I am good to you, I don’t give in, and I don’t stop. I move my mouth up, catching your clit once more, I suck so hard. You gasp out, feeling the pained pleasure making your orgasm last so much longer. My fingers pushed deep inside you, hitting your sweetest spot.

You feel so heady, lost in my touch and your own orgasm. You are a greedy little girl, can’t I see? It’s clear how naughty you are.

The release of my mouth from your clit almost makes you pout. I come up, and cover your mouth with mine, kissing me. I feel I suck your tongue into my mouth, allowing you to taste yourself.

“Mmm” You moan out, so sweet.


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