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Deborah's First Sybian Experience!!
Hi! I'm Cindy

Deborah's First Sybian Experience!!

Oh wow… Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, Deborah. What a roller coaster rides you’ve been through on your journey finding & understanding your sexuality on so many levels.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and share your story and pictures. It encourages me to know some peoples enjoy the website. Sending digital hugs!!!

In Her Own Words: Deborah's First Sybian Experience:

pussyeuphoria.com When I unbox it for the first time, it was at the perfect height for straddling and riding, currently I set it up with two gigantic cocks. Could a woman really get something like that in her pussy? Much less her ass... much less both. I've never had anything in my ass before although I like reading stories about it. I wanted to ride it, but there was no way I was going to use those huge dildos for my first ride.

Fortunately, my Sybian came with various options for attachments.

After all my research online about the thing, it didn't take me long to pick out a decent sized cock - maybe seven inches long and an inch around - and replace the two massive fuckers that were currently on it. Feeling deliciously wicked as I stared at that fake cock sticking straight up, ready and waiting for me, I stripped off all my clothes.

Holding onto the remote, I experimented a bit with the buttons, watching the movements of the cock so that I'd know what to do. It did all sorts of cool things, pump up and down a bit, vibrate, spin, and circle like a cock blender. I couldn't wait to get it inside me.

Finally, I stopped its motion and straddled the big machine, using both of my hands on the large hump part to balance me as I lowered myself onto the fake cock. It wasn't hard, my pussy was dripping wet just from standing naked, fantasizing and watching what that dick was going to be doing to the insides of my pussy once I started it up. I moaned as it filled me up, stretching me just enough to be pleasurable.

Ignoring the remote for now, I took a few minutes to bounce up and down on the shaft, enjoying the way it filled me. Even just in this position, this was way better than my regular masturbating - for one, no strain on my arm, wrist or fingers. Hell I could probably get off just like this.

But that wasn't the point.

So I pushed the button.


pussyeuphoria.comImmediately my pussy clenched as the dildo inside me began to move in circles, vibrations assaulting my clit where it was pressed against the mounded top of my Sybian. It felt amazing. Throwing my head back, I moaned as I began to move my hips on top of it, bouncing very slightly and adding an entirely new sensation to compete with the others.

My pussy was getting the massage of its life while the vibrations shuddered through me at high speed; it was the most intensely erotic moment of my life and it was just going to get better. My breasts bounced as I gyrated on top of the fucking machine, my butt humping up and down, and my pussy lips and clit were mashed and rubbed against the vibrating seat. It hummed and buzzed against my vulva and swollen clit, and then the humming stopped and it started an intense pulsing.

The sensations were randomized, working over my body; I could feel it throughout my entire lower body. Moaning and gasping, I rode that fucker, and it didn't take very long before I was crying out in orgasm, grinding down hard on that fat cock as it swirled inside me. It rubbed over my g-spot again and again, giving me the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. My clit throbbed and hummed, getting into the action until the tiny nub became too sensitive and I had to lean back to take the pressure off.

But the fucking of the dildo continued, up and down, whirling in circles, spinning inside of me and continuing to pleasure my hot pussy. My cream was dripping down onto the machine, as I came again, this time keening high and shrill as my body trembled on top of my Sybian. I hadn't even needed the clit stimulation, my g-spot was getting worked over so well. My breasts bobbled as my head fell back and I jerked and sobbed with extreme ecstasy.

It was almost too intense, but I couldn't stop... not yet... I began working my tired thighs again, bouncing slightly, leaning forward to press my clit against the pulsing vibrations again.

A third, giant orgasm, the big daddy orgasm of them all, was looming on the horizon. I could feel its approach like a summer thunderstorm. My body was becoming shiny and slick with sweat, my pussy was going to be sore as fuck, and I didn't care. I was lost in erotic need, wild from my first ride...

My Sybian fucked me, mindless and relentless, created to do one thing and one thing only. Make women cum.

I screamed as my climax plowed into me, curling my toes, curling my fingers, curling my entire body in on itself. My clit was throbbing as it was mashed against my vibrating machine, my g-spot screaming for surcease, and the pleasure was so intense, so overwhelming that I found myself jerking upwards and off my machine. The dildo whirred obscenely for a moment before I hit the correct button on the remote, and collapsed on the floor.


Body humming.

Legs spread, arms akimbo, completely wrung out from the incredible machine. My pussy felt sore and battered, and oh so replete. Completely satisfied. Satiated.

My ride had been beyond my wildest dreams. And I knew it wouldn't be my last.

I'm not ashamed to say that I spent some time most day on it. Now I am good enough at balancing on my machine to play with my own breasts, at least for a little bit. I can't say I really got used to the sensations, but I did get better at handling them. I could stay on the machine for longer and longer, taking more of its fucking and racking up orgasms like they were carnival prizes.

Now I am using a larger dildo, but I still hadn't put anything in my butt. Last weekend, I rode my Sybian for my longest time yet - a good fifteen minutes - and had about six orgasms. The last one was actually kind of really painful, but I didn't care.


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