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The Most Important Meal of the Day!

pussyeuphoria.com We lay together. I was propped on an elbow gazing into your eyes, fingers gently circling your clit, the motion eased by your wetness in the aftermath of their lovemaking; your lidded, eyes stared up at me as you fondled my half-erect cock, wondering how I could be even slightly hard after so much passion.

Your eyes quickly fell shut, pussy shifting up against my hand. Your legs fell open with a happy sigh. Your eyes slowly opened, smile widening. I knew that look.

“What would you have me do?” I whispered, my finger flicking quickly across your hardening clit.

You sighed again, and stretched like a cat that had just licked up a bowl of cream.

“Lick my clit,” you purred while entertaining me with a long, languorous stretch, which you knew I adored watching.

I grinned, knowing the game that was about to begin. Obediently, my lips and tongue began their journey to the wetness between your legs. I paused to worship your perfect breasts, taking time to suck each one into my mouth, raking my teeth gently across them as my tongue bathed your erect nipples, drawing a deep moan and a gentle hand on the back of my neck. As my mouth left each breast, teeth grasped the nipple, pulling lightly and biting down just hard enough to hear you gasp with pleasure and push down harder on the back of my head. I knew what you wanted, but that was not today’s game; those pleasures were for another time.

Now I began to kiss and lick across your stomach, only to have you grab my hair – hard – and lift my head for a moment.

“Don’t let me cum,” you commanded, looking into my eyes.

I smiled again, revelling in the challenge.

I began kissing the fine hairs surrounding your pussy. The hot, musky scent of your already aroused flesh drew me to your soft, wet centre; I slowly dipped my tongue inside, letting my nose gently nuzzle at the clit, inhaling your scent while feeling a pulse on the tip of my tongue. I loved that sensation, knowing I was quickening the beat of your heart as I explored your sex. Delighted eyes looking up at you, fresh new juices, new tastes, teased my tongue.

I knew the rules: no talking; no questions; no fingers. You were totally focussed on your pleasure, and the long, slow journey ahead, and would tolerate no such distractions. I had only to pay close attention to your body’s dance, with only the use of lips and tongue to earn my rewards.

I began to caress slowly, the flat of my tongue moving from bottom to top in long, slow strokes, easing the pressure as I neared Your clit, not wanting to give too much pleasure too soon. Moving down again, I sucked your lips between mine, massaging gently to draw more blood to your centre. Changing the pressure, I repeated the long strokes by gently caressing the moist flesh with my lower lip. You moaned quietly, gave your head a short toss to one side and sighed contentedly.

‘Delicious’; I could hear your mind whispering to mine.

Moving up to your clit, I began to lick it softly with the tip of my tongue, slowly and at random, as your hips slowly began to buck, hearing each sharp intake of your breath and slight yelps of pleasure. You were aroused and sensitive from their earlier lovemaking; I was going to have to be careful.

Slowing down, then stopping - the tip of my motionless tongue pressing directly on your clit, feeling your throbbing. Your breathing eased, and I felt you slowly climb down from the peak. Your head fell softly from side-to-side and your tongue slowly licked your parted lips, lingering on your upper teeth. I had seen that look many times before; I had found your rhythm and was ready for the long, slow journey at the edge of ecstasy.

I moved away from your clit, this time flicking my tongue lightly and rapidly along your inner lips. I paused to drink deeply at your centre, lapping up your now freely flowing juices, before cupping some on my tongue and moving down to your ass.

Pushing your thighs up and apart, I swept your juices around your ass, hard and fast. I pushed the tip of my tongue into your, swirling it around and pushing deeper as your hips thrust against my face. You reached down to massage your clit; I caught your hand in mine and moved it away.

Our eyes locked for an instant. I wouldn’t allow you to change the pace; you smiled, and held my hand hard as you moved your pussy down over my mouth again.

‘Eat me!’, your eyes glared in a silent scream, ‘Please! Make me cum!’

‘Not yet,’ replied my wicked glance, ‘Not yet.’

I slid back up to your pussy, now biting your lips lightly, then tongue darting back and forth between your clit and deep centre, alternating pressure and pace, pausing whenever I felt her climax near. When I felt your body shivering and clenching, I calmly took you away from the ledge of release.

It was a contest between lovers, and they relished in the peaks and valleys of pleasure, lost to time.

Finally, you was ready, always eager to break your own rules.

“Baby,” you sighed out loud. “Oh, god, baby, please let me cum!”

I moved back to your clit and sucked it into my mouth. Your back spasmed; you squeal in pleasure, mashing a pillow over your face to mute your cries. I moved my hand to the top of your mound, feeling the muscles strain, pressed down and held the pressure while sucking and lashing your clit.

You were very close. I felt the tell-tale quivering of your inner thighs; felt your fingers entwined in my hair; felt your heels pressing hard into my back; felt your thighs scissoring my neck and head as your spasms began. You threw your head back, neck straining, breath hissing quickly through wet, parted lips. Just then I released the pressure of my hand, blood flowing into your mound, sending you over the edge.

Hips thrashing, you released a deep, guttural moan as you clenched your teeth and tossed your head. Your legs locked hard on my neck as back arching, making it almost impossible for me to keep my mouth on your pussy. With orgasm tearing through you, you lifted your hips, fingers twisting my hair harder and pressing my head in, trying to force me entire mouth over you. I drove my tongue deep swirling it in freely flowing juices, feeling your heat, your racing pulse. I held my tongue there while your spasms subsided.

After a time your breathing slowed; your fingers gradually unclenched from my hair. I lifted my head and moved up over your body, feeling your legs slide lazily over my hips as he gently moved my hard cock inside your swollen pussy. Your arms encircled me, I tightened around your body, and I affectionately nuzzled your neck, inhaling the scent of sex that emanated from your every pore. As they held each other, I abandoned myself to the delicious sensation of being sheathed once again, gently caressed by the aftermath of your pleasure.

Starring down at you I whispered, “You really are extraordinary, so very beautiful.”

You opened your eyes slowly and with a deep, contented sigh lifted your head and kissed me deeply, tasting your pleasure on my lips. With a quiet giggle you licked and nibbled the stubble on my chin, tasting the juices that had gathered there. Lips entwined with mine, your heels dug into the small of my back and drew me deeper, moving your hips contentedly as you felt me grow even harder, pressing into you.

We shared a smile, ready to begin again.


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