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Email for a Naughty Girl!

pussyeuphoria.com Hello Dear,

It's morning, and I wrote this email for you, so you can have something to read while I'm at work today.

Of course you know I'm going to be writing you a sexy email and want you to do as you are told.

Mmmm, I woke up this morning thinking about you, and how much I will miss you, and touching your body.

As you know, you have been a 'Bad Girl' this week. So I'm going to write out a list of things you have to do for your punishment.

Are you ready Bad Girl to get dirty?

I know your pussy is starting to tingle right now as you begin to read on what you morning is going to be like, and your nipples are starting to get erect, you can feel your body starting to heat up as you read faster on. As you are sitting here reading you begin to close your legs tighter as you feel the rush of wetness entering your pussy. Your first reaction is to lower your hand to touch the outside of your panties and you begin to touch the softness of your panties against the swollen inner lips of your pussy.


But wait it's too soon; you stop as you read on for more. You look down and feel and see your nipples getting harder as they stick out from your top of your shirt. You want to squeeze them together and you can’t help but rub your fingers over them. You are starting to get more aroused as you touch each nipple and caress your breast; holding one up to your mouth as you gently place your tongue on it. You open your thighs as you can feel the wetness of your throbbing pussy and reach down and place your hand to finger your swollen and wet clitoris as the wet juices are running down your thigh. You caress so gently and take your finger now wet with your sweet juices.

It feels so good and relaxing, but then you begin to think it’s too early to finish and you want the feeling to last longer. You begin to remove your panties and look at the wet marks on them from your rubbing them against your swollen clitoris. You remove your top and move over to the mirror in the bedroom. You see your breasts and nipples are very hard; you look down and spread your legs and see the wetness dripping down your thigh. You wipe the juices from your pussy and place your fingers against your lips and insert them into your hot, longing mouth as you close your eyes as you pretend you are sucking on a my hard cock.


pussyeuphoria.comYou have the need for my hard cock in your mouth. You decide that a nice relaxing shower will help you get ready for what's to come later in the day. You start the shower water with a slight coolness to bring down your hot body temperature. As you begin to feel the water jet all over your body, you begin to feel the tingling of your pussy. You can't take the pressure anymore. You slowly begin to rub your pussy lips so gently and feel the excitement taking over, oh, oh, it feels so good rubbing your body, sliding over your firm hot ass, and erect breasts.

You get out of your shower and go over to your dresser to take out all your sexy lingerie and place them on the bed deciding what to dress up in for the evening. And as you look over them you decide to try each outfit on. As part of your punishment you have to take photos of yourself with your sex toys and outfits. You're my Bad Girl and I want you to send the photos of your wet pussy and your hard nipples.

I want to see you sliding your toys in and out of your wet pussy. When I finish work, we can go out to eat dinner, and you can tell me about your exciting day. You will dress without panties.


I will bring my phone to the restaurant so I can admire the photos you sent me. There, I can feel and touch your wet pussy at the restaurant, and you can touch yourself under the table and let me lick your pussy juice from your fingers.

Wow I'm so hot for you and I want you to sit on my hard cock right now; feel you sliding your pussy up and down on me. It's going to feel so good tonight.

Remember keep that pussy wet all day for me. Can't wait to feel it.



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