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Cold and Warm Temptation

You are bound tightly with black silk, your hands and feet tied to the solid oak corners of the four poster bed. Your arms and legs are spread wide, the silky pink smoothness of your pussy is expose and vulnerable, your arms helpless to fight back against my teasing. I decide to not blindfold you for the next step of my plan to fulfill your innermost desires. I go to the fridge and place some ice cubes into a large glass. You are staring at me intently, the satisfied look of a few minutes earlier replaced by one of slight nervousness.

pussyeuphoria.com I seat on the bed next to you and kiss you, I run an ice cube over each of your nipples, watching them stiffen as the ice contact the warmth of your skin. I circle out from the hardness of the nipples to the ample soft fleshiness of your full and curvy breasts. You moan, I watch the juices seeping from your expose pussy and glistening in the light. I lean over you, caressing your breasts with my tongue, the warmth of my breath increasing the icy hardness of your nipples.

pussyeuphoria.com You’re back arch as you try desperately to clench your thighs together and resist the deep ache within your body. I raise the ice cube up and let the water drip onto your stomach, you writhe anew as each drop splash against your skin and cascade down towards your beautiful pussy. I rub the ice cube against your belly, teasing you with slow circles inching closer to your hungry pussy. I pause watching the water melt and run down over your clit and the outline of your pussy, dripping down to your tight puckered anus.

You gasp. I slide my fingers into your pussy opening you a little wider, I move the ice cube gently all around, closeing in on your throbbing clit. I hold it there, your respond by throwing your head from side to side and screaming out as an orgasm built in your body. I push the ice harder into the warmth of your pussy, cold water now mixing with your juices and flowing back into your body. You shivers and struggle against your restraints. I move my head between your legs and stare at the erotic site before me, your pussy is pulsing, your labia parting with your breathing, in turn hiding and exposing your clit. I rub the ice on your clit again and your back arch and you screamed louder. I replace the cold of the ice with the warmth of my tongue, the tip of it licking greedily at your tight little button. You moan and I use my tongue to part your lips and work it into your tight hole, savouring the taste of your juices and the sweet smell of your sex. My tongue continue to fuck your hole. You try to raise your legs as you orgasm approach, but the restraints hold you down, your body tense as your orgasm reach it’s peak. You scream for me to fuck you, I pull my mouth away so I can watch as your pussy contract and squeeze the cum onto your thighs. The intensity of your orgasm surprise me, I am reward for my hard work by your juices squirting from your pussy and splashing all over my eager face and into my waiting mouth. My mouth now full of your clear sticky juice I move to your face and push my lips to your, you open your mouth and the hot liquid flow into your as our tongues entwine. I continue to kiss and lick you all over your body, gently bringing you down from the high you have experience.


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