Hi! I'm CindyMore About Me She made me masturbating in the car I masturbate often She causing me to think lustful thoughts
My First Strap on Experience

I have always admired older women.

I have always admired older women and never really thought about them sexually until I realized I could be a lesbian.

I am not sure when it began for me, but there something that stands out in my mind. I was young, at my Christian camp, and was just completely obsessed with my camp counselor. I would get excited to be around her or talk to her and make up things so that she'd have to take me to the side and talk. She would dominate my thoughts later when I went home and later when I returned to camp, I made sure to make the request to have her as a counselor again.

I think that it comes from the emotional intimacy that I felt with her that I didn't felt with anyone else. Like I could tell her anything and not be judged. I felt like she actually cared what I said and how I felt.

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I am so addicted to masturbating…. I just can’t help it I love to touch my wet pussy all the time, there have been times that i have spent the afternoon or all morning reading erotica or watching lesbian porn and rubbing my swollen wet clit and cumin over and over again….

Mmmmmm I love it. I like to lie and imagine me and another woman masturbating together watching one another rub our hard nubs with our legs spread wide open and pulling on our hard nipples as we trib and rub our wet clits together….

Tell me ladies how much do you all love to touch yourselves and what is your favourite way to make yourself cum…… mmmmmmm so pleasurable!!!


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Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already!”