Hi! I'm CindyMore About Me She made me masturbating in the car I masturbate often She causing me to think lustful thoughts
My First Strap on Experience

She made me masturbating in the Car.

pussyeuphoria.com Hi my Name is Cindy. I'm 20 5'6 100lbs 32a cup size brown hair brown eyes shaved completely and a nice firm body all around. I like to work out keep myself in shape and go out socialising. This is a story about an older woman that I would love to have that I saw at the gym today (Thursday) well working out. It all started well I was working on my legs and ass she walked by I saw her reflection in the mirror and it was like I was struck by lightning I knew I desire to have her. I watched her work out for the rest of the afternoon moving near her each time she moved to watch her as I pretended to work out. When she headed for the shower I did as well. I went in stripped down and toke the shower stall across from her hoping she would be interested.

I had shaven this morning and was feeling very confident I lathered my body with my body wash as I always did. I looked her up and down getting a full view of her beautiful mature body if I had to have guessed I would have said she was mid to late 30’s. Was I ever wrong. She was about 5'5 about 110lbs 36c cup size very little sag in them blonde hair blue eyes she had a small bush of pubic hair well-trimmed fallowing her natural curves made her look very sexy she look like she was in very good shape. As I continued to watch her I could feel my juices start to flow my nipple became very hard despite the warmth of the water. She looked over at me and smiled and said hello almost catching me starring. I said hello back smiling as well. I turned around to give her a view of my backside smiling as I did only breaking eye contact when I had to turn my head to face the wall. I stood there a little bit pushing my ass out as I rinsed the body wash off running my hands over the front of my body pausing at my breasts to really make sure it came off or least that's what I wanted it to look like as I did looked back and coat her stair at me with a look of desire in her eyes. I turned back to the wall finish rinsing and turned back around to find that she was gone.

pussyeuphoria.comI quickly finished up went into the change room and she was nowhere to be seen. dam I thought to myself as I got dressed. As I walked out to my car I hoped I would see her tomorrow though I didn't think so because I had never seen her before today. I got into my car and drove home thinking about her the whole way making myself wetter and wetter thinking about every curve of her body how it flowed. I was so turned on that half way home I had to pull over and pleasure myself. I undid my jeans slid them down around my knees along with my panties opened my legs enough to slide 2 fingers into my wet pussy I quickly pumped my fingers in and out moaning loudly the whole time till I cummed hard. Wave after wave of pleasure washing over me as I climaxed think of her the whole time. As I calmed I realized just how much I had cummed my thighs were moist and there was a small puddle in my seat. I blushed to myself as I pulled up my panties and jeans hoping no one saw me. I drove the rest of the way home still thinking about her.

It is difficult for me because there is a huge stigma and a certain level of taboo connected to a older lady. And i am sort of shy, so that is a bit of a block as well

pussyeuphoria.com pussyeuphoria.com

There is always something alluring about an older woman - a well-kept woman in the evening side of her 30s or early 40s. Older women are rich in experience. If educated, they can have substance and the intellectual firepower to sustain a good conversation after sex. Older women are wiser and patient and can give a young lady patience to grow, make mistakes and learn.

I fantasize about having a mature woman come into my room and tell me how much she wants to lick my pussy saying she knows how wet I am at the thought of her spreading my legs open and her tongue licking at my hard clit making me drip my juices down my legs. I want her to put me on all fours and finger my tight pussy from behind as she licks my ass and then she pinches and pulls at my hard nipples making me moan and beg for more. She then slides 2 fingers in my pussy and finger fucks me good while tongue fucking my ass making me cream all over her hand when I cum so hard from the pleasure!!

I would love to hear what you ladies could teach me or do to me for my first time with you……… my pussy is so wet and in need of a good fucking!


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