Hi! I'm CindyMore About Me She made me masturbating in the car I masturbate often She causing me to think lustful thoughts
My First Strap on Experience

I masturbate often.

I masturbate often, usually 1 times a day or more depending on how tired I am and what my schedule is like and Iíve been playing with myself that often since I was 14 or so.

Anyway, Iím a member of a Full-Service Fitness Club, that plays at the pool. You can play games, like basketball, they also have a diving board and a million other things. One thing in particular they have, is a sauna, where you can just lay there only with women. So every time I went there, I got a very large dose of tits, cameltoe and ass. I never considered myself, craving so much, but letís just say, after a while,

I didnít mind seeing all the tits and cameltoes. This afternoon, I just got out of the pool, in my bikini. I was about ready to go home, but before I went home, I decided to pay the sauna a visit.

I went in with a towel wrapped around my waist, and I sat down. The place didnít have a lot of people around, for it being Tuesday. So I was happy that I might have had the sauna all to myself. For a moment, I thought of taking off my towel, sense I was alone. Eventually, I just decided against it though. I guess I was just too self-cautious. Anyway, a minute later, a lady (late 30ís early 40ís if I had to guess) came into the sauna with a towel on. She didnít say anything, not everyone there was the talking type, as you could imagine.

After a while I left the sauna, and shortly after that, shower and getting dresses to go home. Then saw her going to her the locker close to mine, and she still said nothing.

Although, she had no problem taking off her towel right in front of a total stranger. First, she just stands there and let her boobs be in plain sight, and I couldnít help but get a view of her rack.

pussyeuphoria.comIt looked like she had a solid c-cup rack, not like me, so I was impressed. I did my best not to stare at her, but it proved to be a little difficult though. I also couldnít help but look down south as well. She had a sexy landing strip there and my pussy got wet from seeing her. To my knowledge anyway, she couldnít tell that I was checking her out, but then I was sure she did notice.

ĎTaking a mental picture?í She asked.

ĎIím sorry,í I replied as I was embarrassed.

ĎItís OKí She said.

I didnít know what to say, I wasnít even sure there was anything to say.

I just couldnít resist, I had to check her out. Her boobs were still quite sexy, and her landing strip seemed touched up. It was almost as if she was trying make sure it looked good for show.

I quickly left and went to home ripped off my jeans and panties and began to rub and finger fuck my soaking wet pussy.

I had seen naked mature women quite a few times before. Even before I joined the club, but this lady just made me want her for some reason.

When I see a girl naked, I usually get excited. Then I think, WOW

pussyeuphoria.com pussyeuphoria.com

I keep thinking about an awesome fantasy of mine. Iím laying on the couch with my panties around my ankles. One hand on my pussy, the other playing with my perky nipples. My breathing is getting heavier & my moans louder as Iím teasing my clit. When I hear a knock on the doorÖ I quickly jump up & go to see who it is, cracking the door open just enough to see. Its a girl, looking for someone but she has the wrong address. As Ďm giving her directions she asks if she can come in real quick to use my bathroom. I blush, & she sees my hesitation. She smirks & pushes the door open to see me standing there, naked. She giggles & walks by me, I tell her where the bathroom is. As shes walking I canít help but notice her perfect ass & her tits bouncing in her too tight shirt. I slowly reach down to tease my clit again. I didnít hear her come out of the bathroomÖ but there she is, & sheís naked! she comes up behind me and starts playing with my nipples & biting my neck. Ugh my favorite! Then she pushes me up against the wall & trails her juicy lips down to my soaking pussy. She looks up at me, smiles, then dives in. I buck my hips back & forth and grab a fistful of her hair so I can shove her head deeper between my legs. Oh my god Iíve always wanted this. It only takes a few minutes for me to come. I direct her to the couch where I straddle her lap & begin to rub our pussies together. Back and forth, up and down. Fuck she feels so good. Her hands caressing my body as I writhe in pleasureÖ needless to say she never did make it to her original destination. But I took her to a whole new world of pleasure.

If you showed up on my doorstep, what would you do to me? I wanna hear every detailÖ make me cum ladies


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