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April is just full of surprises!

pussyeuphoria.com I received an email from April, my guess a fan. She want it me to write a story for her, she want the story to be about a threesome. I usually don’t do request, but April was very insistence about it. To entice me, she sent me beautiful pictures of herself and body. Still I was reluctant, so she sent pictures of her friend Emily. Now I had pictures of April and Emily, some were taken separately and also some them they were together.

April did win her case…. Below is what I wrote for her:

April my girlfriend is just full of surprises. She had just gone through an elaborate salacious roll playing weekend in Niagara Falls to pay off a bet we had, so that I wouldn't get to have sexual relations with Emily and now she was presenting her to me as a gift.

Well I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. I was not about to ask her why she had changed her mind. We could get into that conversation later. For now I was resolved to thoroughly enjoy the sensual sight set before me.

April was wearing a black lace shelf bra that did little to nothing to contain her beautiful 36C breasts. I could tell she was very excited by the expectations of the night. Her mocha nipples were fully erect and protruded past the outer confines of the shelf that her bra provided. She also wore a matching garter and little black lace thong panties which left no doubt that she was shaved completely smooth. Black thigh high stockings with a lace banded top and a pair of spiked patent leather heels that completed her ensemble, accentuating her strong legs and making her curvaceous 5'7" frame seem even taller.

Emily wore a smooth black and red corset was laced up the front by a crimson ribbon. The corset was synched tight at her waist by the ribbon but became looser as it reached her full 34D breasts. The gap formed by the loosened lattice effect of the ribbon allowed the inside edge of her pale breasts to be visible as the half cups of the top supported her. Allowing just the slightest hint of her pink areolas to be seen peeking over the top of the lace fringed edge. She also wore black thigh high stockings that seemed to shimmer on her shapely legs, and a pair of bright red high heels.

I could feel my cock instantly start to respond to the beautiful sight before me. The exhibition of contrasts in stunning female form and elegance was exquisite.

April is tall with shoulder length golden blonde hair, and ice blue eyes. Long graceful limbs and supple body with fabulous full natural breasts. Emily shorter more compact with a long thick mane of deep red chestnut hair, green eyes, and a luscious body with smooth flawless alabaster skin.

This was truly a sight to behold, and any red blooded man would be aroused by seeing it. But here I was in my living room with these two ravishing women both of which fully intended to service me. WOW life is good... It is very good!

As April and Emily walked across the room side by side there was a dizzying display of undulating breasts, swaying hips and gorgeous legs. Each of them doing their best to be the sultry seductress. I could feel their effect long before either woman got to me, and I'm sure that's just what they had in mind.

April was the first to speak. "Just sit back and enjoy yourself. Let us take care of you."

With a devilish grin on her face Emily said. "Yes let us do all the work big guy. This is a gift you're going to remember for a long time." Biting her lower lip, then with a sexy smile... "If you survive." Both women giggled.

"Take your best shot ladies. If I'm going to check out that's how I want to do it."

April approached me on my left side and Emily was on my right, each woman kissing my neck and not allowing me to taste their lips as the unbuttoned my shirt. Working in tandem they unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. Finally April kissed me firmly on the lips, and whispered in my ear. "Ready baby." Our tongues twined and twisted together as Emily's hands moved over my chest. As soon as the kiss with my girlfriend broke Emily moved in to take her place.

This was the first time I had kissed Emily other than a hello or goodbye peck. The first thing I noticed was how soft her lips felt. Then her tongue passed over my lips and into my mouth. I could feel her lustful urges as our tongues danced together. April was kissing my neck at the same time and I was in heaven. I moved a hand up each smooth body. Feeling the differences and similarities. As my hand moved over Emily's firm breast I tugged at the material allowing her breast to exposed. I rolled her nipple between my fingers causing her to moan into my mouth as we kissed.

My left hand was moving over April's sleek body and I wanted to see just how aroused this whole scenario had gotten her so I moved my hand between her legs and up to her black lace thong panties. My finger pressed the sheer little lace patch against her wet pussy causing April to moan deeply. "Oh fuck that feels good." As she kissed my neck and bite my shoulder.

Both Emily and my girlfriend were dragging their nails across my chest as we continued to kiss. Neither woman had yet touched my swollen cock, and at this point I wasn't sure I wanted them to because I felt like I would go off like a bottle rocket on the fourth of July at the first touch.

As that thought passed through my head Emily broke our kiss and both women grabbed at my pants. I begged for them to slow down but they were beyond my reasoning with them. April smile broadly as my pants were pulled past my hips and told Emily's watch this directing her gaze at my crotch. With one more tug my cock quite literally sprang free right before their eyes. April laughed, "I love when it does that."

"Wooo," Emily looked at my cock for the first time and whispered to my girlfriend. "You weren't kidding about the size were you. God he is big."

My girlfriend smiled. "Just over seven inches long but almost six inches around. It may take some practice to get it down your throat but stuffing it in your pussy feels amazing!"

"Ummm ladies?"

"Oh yeah," they both giggled again.

Emily wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock. Her red nails stood out in stark contrast to the skin of my cock. She looked up at me and in a soft voice. "I've been waiting for this a long time." As she lowered her full lips towards my hard cock. Her lipstick matched her nails deep red color. As she opened her mouth to accommodate my girth she formed an almost perfect O with her lips, as her pink tongue reached for the first touch and taste of my cock.

Emily's hand was slowly stroking me with a tight grip. A clear drop formed on the tip of my cock as her tongue made slow circles on the glands. Bringing the tip of her tongue to the clear drop licking it the pulling away causing a thin string of pre cum to stretch between my hard cock and her beautiful mouth.

Emily rolled her tongue in her mouth savoring the taste then move her mouth towards my cock in earnest. Taking first the head then most of my shaft into her warm wet mouth. She sucked slow deep deliberate strokes. Taking me deeper each time. Watching her head bobbing between my legs with my girlfriend at my side was almost surreal.

I had always told April that the one and only bad part of a blow job is that I can't kiss her as I cum. So as Emily expertly sucked my throbbing cock April kissed me passionately. She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. "Watch this." April mover down to my balls and started to suck them as Emily's head kept bobbing on my shaft. She then joined April. Each of them with a ball in the mouth sucking hard.

I groaned deeply and watched as they both started to lick up my shaft. Emily's red lips on one side April's pink lips on the other. Their tongues both licking my aching rod. Then they did it. The both tilted their heads towards me and their lips and tongues touched with my hard cock between them. Keeping their lips pressed together forming a tunnel that my cock passed through as their tongues licked my shaft causing every nerve ending to spark to life at once.

I could feel my balls start to tighten and I moaned. "I'm getting close." As my breathing got shallow and quick. April moved up to kiss me as Emily sucked me deep into her mouth again. April whispered directing my gaze at friend. "I had to promise her your first load to get her here tonight. It was one of her two condition." Then she kissed me deeply. She broke our kiss and I watched her put her hand on the back of Emily's head urging her deeper. Then she wrapped her long slender fingers around my cock and started to stroke me quickly into Emily's mouth. "Come on baby give it to her. Shoot your hot load between her red lips."

I could feel my body tighten as my girlfriend continued to stroke my cock into her friend’s mouth. I tried to hold off a few seconds longer trying to make it last. Then there was a sudden jerk of my hips. April called out, "here it comes Emily." Then April kissed me passionately. I could feel Emily's lips tighten around the shaft of my cock as I erupted. Pumping what felt like a quart of hot cum into the mouth of my girlfriend's redhead friend. I could hear her gulping to swallow as surge after surge hit the back of her throat.

As our kiss broke I looked into my girlfriend's ice blue eyes as she smiled at me. "She a good cock sucker isn't she?"

I nodded as I looked down at Emily. Drops of pearl white cum still clinging to her lips her eyes watering, as she squeezed my still throbbing cock milking out the last drop. "I almost couldn't handle it all." She said softly.

"See I told you," laughed April. "Here let me help you." As she leaned towards Emily I was speechless stunned at what was about to happen. April put her long fingers under Emily's chin and lifted her face and kissed her full on the lips licking my cum from them. Their tongues probing each other’s mouth as their kiss lingered. I could feel my cock start to twitch back to life.

Emily looked at my cock as it started to swell again and said. "I think he likes seeing us share his cum. Let’s keep doing it." April just nodded in affirmation licking a drop of cum from her lower lip. Their hands moved slowly over each other’s body. Neither of them had done this before so it was new to all of us. Emily seemed to be bolder then my girlfriend as she drew April's nipple between her lips causing her to gasp at the sensation.

I was not going to let an opportunity like this pass so I slowly moved between my girlfriend's legs removed her thong panties and placed legs over my shoulders. I started to lightly lick the puffy folds her pussy lips. April sighed softly as my tongue worked it's way between her folds with long slow broad licks from back to front. Causing her body to tighten tremble in anticipation.

I soon started making circles around her hard little clit with the tip of my tongue. This combined with the unfamiliar sensations of having Emily licking and sucking her nipples soon had my girlfriend hurdling towards the brink of orgasm.

Her back arched and her legs tightened around my neck pressing her mound to my mouth. She cried out. "Oh god ... Oh fuck that's good!" Her moans and cries were soon muffled by Emily placing her mouth on her as she continued to knead April's big beautiful tits. My girlfriend body convulsed bucking her hips and quaking as wave after orgasmic wave coursed through her body, leaving gasping for air with ragged breaths.

Eating my girlfriend's pussy and bringing her to a strong orgasm has always been one of my favorite things, but doing this while Emily suck her tits and kissed her was beyond anything I could imagine. My cock was as hard as an iron bar, and I knew right where I wanted to put it.

Emily was on her knees beside my girlfriend. April was still trying to catch her breath panting from the series of powerful orgasms that had just wracked her body. Neither of them was paying very close attention to me until they realized that I had positioned myself behind Emily's kneeling body.

Emily was startled as I grabbed her hips in my strong hands holding her fast. April from where she was sitting could see my face. She had seen that look before and knew that her friend was in for one hell of a ride.

Emily gasped as her panties were torn from her body with one quick snap of my wrist. She had always seen me as a gentlemen, kind and polite. This side of me was new to her, but she wanted me now she was going to get me.

Emily sighed looked at April for guidance, but all April could do was look her right in the eyes and say. "You my dear are about to get fucked."

I pressed my aching cock against Emily's wet hot pussy, and felt her muscles slowly start to give way. Once I had the tip of my cock in her she was mine. She moaned and gasped as I pushed my cock deeper into her stretching her pussy walls till my balls rested against her ass. I withdrew my cock till just the tip was still in her and pushed it into her again with one motion, slow and deep. The next time was a bit faster, and the time after faster yet. Till I was pounding her pussy from behind as hard as I could. My hips slapping against her with each thrust, sending rippling shockwave across her pretty ass.

Emily was screaming and moaning as my cock assaulted her pussy. Her body writhing beneath me as she made guttural sounds as she begged. "Oh fuck! Oh god ... Please fuck me harder! Oh yes ... OH...OH FUCK!" Her breathing only came in gasps and her back arched as I reached for her bouncing pillow tits. Pinching her nipples as I franticly fucked her.

This is when April returned the favor and slid under Emily's bouncing tits and sucked them while I pressed my fucking her to a new level. Emily threw back her head causing her deep red mane of hair to fly to one side. "Oh fuck ... oh .. oh .. oh .. OOOOOH ... I'm fucking cumming ... OH FUCK!" Her body quivered and shook beneath me as jolts of orgasmic pleasure shot through her. Emily's pussy gripped my thrusting shaft as I impaled her on my cock.

Her pussy was so tight and wet gripping me holding me deep inside her. I felt like my loins were on fire as my balls tightened and I gushed my hot seed deep into her womb.

All three of us felt the effects of our salacious adventures so far so we decided to take a break and have a glass of wine.

The girls went to the bed room and adjusted what little they had on. Emily adjusted the cups of her corset so they acted like a shelf bra leaving both of her nipples totally exposed.

pussyeuphoria.comWe sat drank our wine and talked for awhile. There was a lot of banter between the girls. Have you ever done that before?" April asked. Emily replied. "Never in my life!" Then I had an idea. "What we need is a little competition to see which of the two of you gets my attention next."

"What do you have in mind?" April asked

"Yeah what kind of competition are you thinking about?" Inquired Emily with a sly smile.

"Oh don't worry there really aren't any losers in my idea."

"OK I'm in." Chirped my girlfriend.

"Me too." Added Emily.

"OK ... Wait right here. I'll be right back." I quickly went into the bedroom, and returned almost as quickly. "OK ... Who picks first?"

"Emily can," said April.

"OK Emily which hand do you want right or left." I asked holding my hands behind my back."

"Right," she answered.

"Right it is so April you get the left." I brought my hands from behind my back. I each hand was a vibrator. In the right hand was a smooth eight inch very powerful purple vibrator. In the left was a seven inch pink vibrator with the added little clit stimulating bunny on top.

April asked. "What are we supposed to do with these?"

I laughed. "You don't know?"

"Yes I know, but what's your idea wise ass."

"Well both of you sit on the couch and get comfortable. I will kneel between the two of you and insert the vibrators that you have chosen. I will adjust them as instructed by you, and the one who cums first wins."

"What do we win?" asked Emily.

"The winner gets to do what I say the looser gets to watch."

"Sounds like fun either way." said April.

So April and Emily sat on the couch side by side, as I positioned myself between them. The view was amazing. Tow beautiful women with their legs spread and pure lust in their eyes as I eased the vibrators into their waiting pussy's.

Once the were in I hit the switches as close to simultaneously as I could. Causing both ladies to twitch with the sensation.

Emily cooed as the vibrations brought her pussy to life. While I pushed deep enough into April to let the little bunny work on her hard clit. Soon Emily's hips started to grinding against against my hand and my girlfriend was arching her back as she grew closer to her climax. Both of their body's were writhing there before me and I felt like I had control of their worlds. All the wanted was to cum and that was left to my whim. Both April and Emily were gasping and moaning loudly now. Each racing to their finish, not wanting to hold back this time.

I thrust the purple vibrator in and out of Emily's wet pussy. I turned up the vibrations to max and she screamed with feverish delight. April had an almost painful expression on her face as her body tightened she pushed down with her heels and lifted her tight ass off the couch. Emily's knees were up to her heaving chest as she pushed herself towards pleasure. Then all at once my girlfriend's hips bucked and she launched herself into orgasm followed not five seconds later by Emily. Both women were twisting and writhing in the ecstasy of carnal release, as waves of orgasm washed over them.

"OK April your the winner." I announced.

"It's not fair," Emily said with a pout on her face. "She had a better vibrator."

"It was fair Emily." I teased. "You got to choose first, and you got what you picked. In this house we live up to the wagers we make and the games we play." I looked at my girlfriend with a teasing smile. "But I tell you what Emily. Being that you lost the challenge, I'll allow you to pick what I do with April. How's that?"

"OK." Emily said with a bright devilish smile. "Let's see. Everybody in the office thinks your such a prude never fooling around with any of the office hunks, not even flirting. A real tight ass most of the guys would say. So that's it ... You have to fuck her tight ass."

April looked shocked... "Who says I'm a prude? Just because I'm there to work not play grab ass!"

I Laughed... "OK honey ... It's ok let just prove them wrong tonight."

I took April by the hand and we walked back to the master bedroom with Emily following close behind.

My girlfriend climbed onto our king size bed and bent over giving me a perfect angle to enter her, as I took the slick lube from the night stand drawer. I positioned myself behind her and applied a large glob of lube to her rectum. I prepared to place my cock at her opening when Emily asked. "Can I help you do that .. please."


She wrapped her fingers tightly around my hard cock and gave it a few quick strokes and placed the tip of my cock against lube that coated April's tight pink hole. I started to push into my girlfriend and Emily only let go when there was no more room for her hand.

April let out a deep guttural moan as my cock eased deep into her ass. I thrust slow and deep till my balls bounced off her cheeks. I rocked back and forth fucking my girlfriend's tight ass as Emily watched in disbelief as April's ass accommodated my thick cock. Her moans were more frequent and her breathing was getting more rapid as I reached around and played with her hard little clit. I felt Emily's hand on top of mine as I stroked April's pussy. I removed my hand and allowed her to continue alone as April rocked back to meet my thrusting cock. Her back arched and she threw back her head as her body trembled in yet another series of orgasmic rushes.

I felt my groin tighten and thrust franticly into my girlfriend's beautiful peach shaped ass as torrents of hot sperm gushed into her tight pink ass.

We lay that way joined together till my cock softened as slipped from April's ass. The warmth of our body's comforting us. I got up slowly and went to take a shower before bed. When I returned the two beautiful women I had just spent the most amazing night of my life with were waiting for me. Totally naked one on each side of the bed with the covers pulled down and pillows for me in the middle.

I crawled into bed and laid between them. The each snuggled into my sides and put their heads on my strong shoulders. I laid there feeling their naked bodies pressed against mine. I gave them each a kiss good night and though. Life doesn't get better then this ...

April was very happy with the story and rewarded me with a home video of her and Emily together.

Omg did I get an ERECTION!!!!


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