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Andrea masturbate for Me!!

pussyeuphoria.com Let your hands start to wander. You move them over your body imagining they are my hands. You move them along your curves, feeling your hips, your breasts, your thighs. You circling around on your body let them drift over your belly and up under your shirt. Your hands move dreamily over your skin. The feel of your fingertips is feather light.

You can feel your nipples hardening as your fingers move closer to your breasts. You lazily let them drift across the top of your bra. You can feel your hardness. Your fingers tuck into the top of the cup and you circle your nipples. God. You instantly feel the desire pulsing in your cunt.

You move your hands in deeper and roll your nipples between your fingers. Heat shoots through your pussy. You arch your back and pinch your nipples harder. God, it feels so good. Needing to intensify the feelings, you move your hand back down over your belly and slip it into your panties.

Your fingers brush over your pubic hair, teasing it. You drift your fingers down to your clit and linger for a moment, just pressing on it. Giving in, you begin to move your fingers in small circles. You suck in your breath, your fingers on your nipple pinching harder. You moan softly as the pleasure starts to rise in you.

Your fingers are bringing you to that place, that place where the world starts to disappear and all you can feel is desire, want, need. You push your fingers further down your slit invading your wetness. Your fingers are slick against your skin. You open your legs wider and push a finger inside you. Your hips involuntarily push up to your hand. You stroke your finger in and out slowly, leisurely, enjoying the sensations rippling through you.

But it's not enough. You remove your hand from your breast and tug at your panties. You need them off. NOW. You push another finger inside you, imagining my cock is thrusting into you. You move your other hand to your clit, rubbing a harder. You see my body in your mind, moving above you, thrusting into you. You need me. you want me. God. you moan again. You push a third finger inside you, frantically, desperately. Your fingers work faster on your clit. You prop your leg up, spreading your legs further. Opening yourself up to you further. You are so close. You can feel your cunt starting to pulse around your fingers. Your clit is throbbing. You need to cum. Imagining me, right there, touching you, fucking you.

Oh god. You can feel it. You can feel my cock. You can feel my hardness. You can feel the heat searing through you. Oh god. that's it. Your hips push up into the air, your hand buried, deep in your cunt, your fingers on your clit. You groan. Your cunt spasms around your fingers, pulsing, clenching. Oh. Oh. Waves of pleasure rush over you. You can feel it in every nerve, every muscle, every essence of your being. You let out a rush of air, gasping for breath, cumming so hard. Groaning loudly, you feel the release.

Relaxing yourself back down on the bed, you continue to stroke your clit softly, gently, riding out the rest, enjoying the feelings. You slowly remove your fingers from your cunt and bring them up to your mouth. You lick off your sweetness, knowing how much I love the taste of it. Sigh. Such wonderful feelings. you can't wait to share them with me.



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